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UVLED edge light source
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

In real life, a lot of UVLED light source, can be used to detect, disinfection, exposure, curing. Various functions make it have a wide range of uses, but also occupy an important position in all kinds of applications. Now there is a new form of application, UVLED edge light source, in the printing, etching and other aspects of a key role.

The edge light source uses a high efficiency UVLED device which is lit by the side light, so that the UVLED device can focus the light on the high performance and the very thin light guiding body. There are many kinds of the luminous Technology: printing, etching, and chemistry, laser or other means, V-shaped grooves and the microscope lens, each field can be provided for application specific optimization solutions.

Because of UVLED device is located in the edge of the light guide body, this type of installation is also brings many advantages, including better optical control, especially in color and a plurality of light emitting devices UVLED consistency, as well as in all grades luminescence parameters better reproducibility, and reduces the power consumption, and almost is the thinnest UVLED light-emitting solution.

The edge light source backlight allows a variety of colors of light to blend in the light guide body. This not only eliminates luminous deviation between UVLED, but this deviation in the direct light is the most common, and edge light source of the light guide body is very suitable for today's multi function display device, allowing designers to use fewer UVLED devices and reduce the cost.

In order to maintain the efficiency of optimization, the thickness of the light guide body should be matched with the light output section of UVLED. When the UVLED device has a very narrow emission cross section, the thickness of the edge light guide will be reduced. However, fabrication of high efficiency light conducting bodies with very thin thickness requires advanced technology in the fabrication and optical fields.

So-called photocatalyst is a photocatalytic synonyms, photocatalyst objects to catalytic and promote the reaction, and itself does not add to the reaction. With UV irradiation to coated with titanium dioxide photocatalyst materials, like titanium dioxide absorption ultraviolet photon energy, resulting in free electron and hole. Free electron adsorption of oxygen in the water to produce oxygen in the water, the positive pore water molecules, so that water molecules lose electrons, produce hydroxyl groups. The generation of superoxide and hydroxyl groups has a strong oxidation ability, the organic molecules in the water molecules are oxidized into carbon dioxide and other gas molecules, so as to achieve the purpose of water purification.

The edge light source is actually a kind of special UVLED light source. In the case of a number of special requirements can be very good to meet the needs of production. In some ways to make up some of the shortcomings of the UVLED light source, so that it has a better development prospects.

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