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Celebrating Xingda's best performance award LG

Address:910, 1085 Heping Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen


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Contact Person :James

corporate culture

Business philosophy: excellence, integrity service

Goal: to provide high quality QSI laser diode for enterprise LED solutions

Corporate culture: simple life, efficient work, encourage innovation, sincere service

Vision: to develop and provide a benefit sharing platform for all staff

The spirit of enterprise:

Pragmatic innovation -- as is the combination of Longxing science and technology foresight. We are competitive. Because we are pragmatic, we summed up the experience of the past, we have the courage to innovate, and constantly innovate, whether it is the concept, technology, methods, or the market and strategy

We emphasize the precise theory, the careful design, the rigorous development, the accurate implementation, provides the perfect product and the service for the customer.

Master consciousness -- Longxing up to create a contribute to and reflect the value of its own platform, provides space for development of everyone, everyone will have a are trying to create success, we will be the dream and future owner.

Sharing and cooperation, the team is built on mutual respect on the basis of a harmonious interpersonal relationship, we are aware of, if only everyone achieve their goals, our overall goal can be achieved, we are ready to not hesitate to side to stretch out a helping hand, we have responsibility and customers, partners and colleagues to share their knowledge and experience.

Longxing of service that only to provide users with a single full series of products is not enough, we focus on is for users to put forward a set of solutions, including consulting, product, training, technical support and after-sales service.

Companies always adhere to the "excellence, integrity service" business philosophy, in product development and technical level of excellence, tireless, so as to quickly respond to customers, improve service quality. Customer demand is the direction of our efforts, customer satisfaction is our goal of success!

Looking to the future -- endless quest not only, the trend is wisdom reach everywhere

As for the enterprise Longxing efforts to make its solutions and technical services to a broader and higher level towards the area. Looking back the background, our achievements as a new starting point. We will continue to play the biggest advantage of technology, high-quality products, first-class service, in the field of electronic components is always one step ahead. With the strong company, with giant counterparts, the road ahead is not the end, the pace never stops.