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Ceramic UVLED light curing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Ceramic UVLED light curing

In the curing industry mature, it is difficult to see the traditional mercury. Have been replaced by UVLED light slowly away. And after the inspection of the market, is indeed a more advanced UVLED light source.

Disadvantages of traditional ceramic coating is cured or self dry paint, using spray coating, spraying, roller or brush coating the coating to the ceramic surfaces, by heating or dry the solvent evaporation and the formation of the film and the ceramic to decorate and protect, but has complex operation, curing speed, high energy consumption, decoration is not strong. The UV curing technology perfect combination ceramic coatings, used for decoration and protection of ceramic or glass. With existing thermal curing or self drying ceramic coating compared with adornment sex is strong, easy to operate, fast curing speed, less energy consumption, volatile organic matter content is low.

The inkjet printer is a microcomputer control system for non contact type inkjet marking. By controlling the internal gear pump or by the machine external supply compressed gas, the ink to the system to exert a certain pressure, so that the ink through a few tens of microns aperture nozzle injection. Code is the basis of capacitance of capacitive screen, spray a specific pattern with the text in the capacitive screen through inkjet printer.

A UV light curing light source applied to the capacitor to spurt the code UV light curing light source is high purity of monochromatic ultraviolet light, which belongs to cold light source; workpiece temperature rose by only about 3 degrees, parts processing can not be deformed, the energy is highly concentrated in a role in effectively curing a UV spectra, which is UV-LED point light source although only about 200MW UV light intensity, but the actual use of the main reasons of comparable high pressure mercury lamp curing effect of effect and the light intensity 1000-2000mw. Usually the curing time reduced to 0.5 to 5 seconds. In the use of UVLED ink curing capacitor, the light source is the most ideal choice.

Capacitance printing UV curing advantages: high energy utilization rate, during thermal curing effect for heat sensitive substrates, no pollution, fast film forming and film quality is higher.

More and more manufacturers in the light source, abandoned the traditional lamp instead of using UVLED light source. And UV LED light source also did not rest on its laurels, also in continuous exploration and development, continuously improve the efficiency of the production to meet the market needs.

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