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UVLED curing characteristics
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

UVLED curing characteristics

Now the application of UVLED light curing has been very common. But the use of UVLED light source in the curing technology is an innovation. The traditional lamp also because this innovation was gradually replaced, slowly out of the market.

As we all know, more than thirty years ago, UV light was successfully extended to commercial applications. The adhesive manufacturer for UV curing properties developed for bonding, sealing, printing, UV series products, and is widely used in communications, electronics, optics, printing and other many fields. These products under UV light irradiation, will cure or hardening (Ju He), and with the traditional product --UV light curing more speed up efficient, energy saving and environmental protection.

UV curing equipment has also experienced continuous research and development and improve the process. In the production process for mercury lamp is the mainstream for a long time. But because the equipment is expensive, maintenance costs are high, UV light intensity attenuated rapidly, increased surface temperature exposure element, bulky, expensive consumables, mercury pollution defects, the industry has been working to improve, but because of the limitations of the original hardware has been difficult to break.

The advent of LED UV, for the UV curing industry has brought revolutionary changes. With the constant light intensity, good temperature control, portable and environmental protection characteristics, but also relatively low purchasing cost and is almost zero maintenance costs of UV curing process quality improvement and energy saving up to the role.

LED UV point light source, line light source, surface light source has been applied in various industries. We believe that through the joint efforts of the whole industry, the future of the UV curing industry will have a new world of environmental protection and energy saving.

High power light emitting diode without infrared emitting. By irradiation of the surface temperature rise 5 DEG C below, and traditional mercury lamp UV curing machine usually to be irradiated products surface elevation of 60 to 90 DEG C, product positioning displacement occurs, resulting in bad products. UV-LED curing method is the most suitable for plastic substrate, lens bonding and electronic products, fiber optic cable, such as heat sensitive, high accuracy of the bonding process requirements.

The traditional mercury lamp curing machine using mercury lamp light, lighting with mercury, waste disposal, transportation is very troublesome, improperly, it will cause serious pollution to the environment. LED type curing machine adopts the semiconductor light, causing no pollution to the environment factors. So the use of LED curing machine is more environmentally friendly.

The traditional mercury lamp point light curing machine in the irradiation channels increases, channel increase leads to a reduction in the output energy of single irradiation channels. By using LED type of irradiation, the individual radiation head is independent, the radiation energy is not affected by the increase of the channel, which is always maintained at the maximum value.

Because of its super concentrated illumination, and mercury lamp compared to LED shortened the UV irradiation time of operation, improve production efficiency. UV LED is the effective way of mercury lamp with high luminous efficiency more than 10 times. At the same time, mercury lamp regardless of whether the effective irradiation, mercury lamp need continuous lighting, power has been in a consumption state. The LED UV mode only consumes electricity when it is irradiated, while the power consumption is almost zero in the standby time.

The emergence of UVLED makes the traditional UV curing industry has ushered in a development and opportunities. Uvled relative and traditional UV mercury lamp light source with this too much advantage, which is destined to the development of UV LED is much faster than that of the traditional mercury lamp.

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