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Uvled light curing and environmental protection
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Uvled as a new technology, the main reason is widely optimistic about its sustainable development. The environmental protection, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly raw materials. There is a great progress in environmental protection in this area.

Flexible sealing end refers to the liquid crystal display device and driving integrated circuit with a flexible wire or wire connecting ends of belt, due to dust or humidity effect can easily lead to interference, both ends of the interface to use protective sealant. For UV UV curable adhesive flexible terminated should have low viscosity, easy to flow into the protected area, the adhesive with good adhesion and high purity, no pollution. With good UV glue with UVLED light curing equipment, can effectively complete and meet the requirements of flexible sealing end.

The road to the two basic environmental protection coating, is a water-based paint, two UV curing coatings. Water paint, as the name suggests, is to use water as a solvent, and can greatly reduce the harmful substances existing in the use of. UV is the use of UV curable coatings, the energy caused by low molecular pre coating of dimer or oligomer and as polymerization and crosslinking reaction between the monomer molecule active diluent, hardened film, so as to achieve pollution-free. But the environmental protection coating because the category less, less publicity, many consumers do not understand completely. At present, environmental protection coating is not widely spread, many consumers do not understand its excellence.

UV curing coatings so environmental protection, that is no disadvantage? The answer is "no.". UV curing coating the first patent was born in 1947, after more than half a century of development, UV curing coatings has become a mature technology, especially with the increase in environmental awareness, and researchers pay more attention to the development of production and application of UV curing coatings. UV curing coating is a kind of green environmental protection coatings, it is fully in line with the principle of "4E", the general energy consumption of a small part of UV curing heat curing, and UV curing coatings containing volatile components is less, less pollution, the most attract researchers and developers are UV curing coatings can reduce raw material consumption, reduce economic cost.

As a technology of environmental protection, people begin to extend its wide. It can be used widely, the elimination of backward production capacity replacement. UVLED technology has now started slowly in the market to replace the traditional lamp.