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Application of UV curing technology Uvled
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Application of UV curing technology Uvled

The application of Uvled light curing is very wide. Its application is more and more thorough to the study of people with more and more. From the beginning of the exposure, curing to high-tech applications now. The development of UV curing technology of Uvled has been a qualitative leap.

Ultraviolet photons have high energy, when ultraviolet radiation to a lot of material when the molecules excited and emit fluorescence. This phenomenon is called fluorescence effect of ultraviolet radiation. When the ultraviolet irradiation of certain substances, selectively absorb these substances, emit different wavelength and intensity of visible light. The fluorescence emission material surface can reflect the characteristics of the material, by the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the substance. When the UV light into the fiber, because of various kinds of fiber photoluminescence properties of different fluorescence emission of different colors, which can identify the type of fiber.

UV energy varies according to the length of the wavelength, the energy and the size of most chemical organic combination can basically belong to the same category, when the energy exceeds the binding energy of polymer chemistry, molecular chain of polymer fibers, ultraviolet radiation generated in cracking, atmospheric conditions with oxygen, oxygen molecules in the atmosphere into ozone, active oxygen, polymer fiber material is oxidized. The polymer fiber material after UV treatment can be introduced into the polar group of rich, so as to improve the hydrophilicity of polymer fiber material, hygroscopicity, antistatic property; introducing deodorization, antibacterial substances, can make the polymer fiber material has deodorizing and antibacterial property. Effect of ultraviolet radiation on the surface of the fiber occurs only in the tens to thousands of angstroms depth range, so the basic physical properties and mechanical properties of the fiber does not affect.

At present, the use of ink jet printing ink is mainly water-based inks and solvent based inks. The development and application of water-based and solvent based inks have been basically mature. The disadvantage is that the water-based ink drying time is long, the substrate adaptability of small solvent based inks; although there is no problem of drying, but because of containing volatile organic solvent, causing environmental pollution, so its use is limited. In order to avoid the defects of ink, UV curing technology is introduced in ink-jet printing ink. UV curable ink using optically active prepolymer as the base material of the printing ink, under UV irradiation, free radicals produced by light induced by agent, binder polymerization and crosslinking reaction, so that the ink from the liquid into a solid, can be cured. The same mechanism can also be cured shrinkproof processing techniques applied in UV curing adhesives, UV curing coatings, sheep wool fabric.

Ink jet printing technology is a new product in UVLED curing, with more people on the increasing demand, the traditional printing technology and its superior advantages. Soon the rapid development.