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The influence factors of the Uvled light cured.
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

The influence factors of the Uvled light cured.

In the process of UVLED curing, many factors can affect the efficiency and the result of light curing. In addition to environmental factors, there is UVLED ink can also affect the. Even UVLED ink color will affect the outcome of the cure.

UVLED ink is colored pigment or dye in the preparation system, must be added a variety of colors to show a riot of colours. In UV curing ink, due to the addition of pigments can absorb ultraviolet light, which caused absorption of UV agent decreased, causing pigment on the initiator of the shield, reduce the efficiency of initiation. At the same time, the amount of pigment in the ink is not arbitrary, because one must consider the amount of light curing speed, on the other hand, because of the amount of oil paint is a fixed value, and the fixed connection material containing the amount of pigment is limited. At the same time, from the perspective of printing, the ink layer thickness, pigment reaches a saturation point increase dosage, increase the concentration of color is not obvious; on the contrary, will make the gray level increase, reduce the brightness, and the ink is not good. The experiment tested the red, blue and yellow three color effect on curing rate, pigment content of different content were selected, the same film thickness.

With the increase of pigment content, curing rate of UV humor is slow. At the same time, the curing rate of three kinds of color ink also has the gap, the curing rate of yellow is the fastest, which may be different for different pigments caused by ultraviolet absorption.

In addition, different methods of different types of paint, printing, the ink pigment content is also different. But for containing a single pigment ink, ink when the ink to meet the printing requirements, the reasonable amount of pigment in ink is a small range of values.

At the launch of the UVLED increasingly long time, the research of UVLED has become more and more people for its characteristics have become more aware of. This helps people improve their work efficiency and in-depth study of UVLED light curing better quality production.