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Uvled light curing and metal processing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

The development of UV curing technology of Uvled in the metal processing industry has always attracted much attention. Metal processing is always a technical content and operation requirements are relatively high in the industry. Light curing technology Uvled is just to fill the short board in this area.

The bonding metal lead terminal is put into a glass with a metal pin, UV adhesive bonding. Although the bonding of the adhesive and the liquid crystal material in direct contact with the strict requirement, but the viscosity is moderate, not after the glue flow, UV curing, surface dry electrical insulation, the bonding strength of glass and metal, has excellent resistance to heat aging properties.

In colored formulations, pigment and UV photoinitiator competition absorb ultraviolet light, which will affect the UV light initiator on the utilization rate of light, concentration and influence can generate free radicals, reducing free radical curing speed and speed. Different pigment in light of different wavelengths have different absorption rate and transmittance, the pigment absorption rate is small, light transmittance is greater, the light energy loss less. Ultraviolet absorption ability of high carbon black, curing the slowest, reflecting strong white pigment, it also hindered the curing. In general, the UV absorption order: black, purple, blue, blue, green, yellow, red. When the paint dosage is too large, the surface has little influence on the curing film, but the light energy deep very deep influence of curing film, easy to wrinkle phenomenon, and hard to adhere.

A lot of light curing pre drying degree of UVLED on the properties of cured film, drying is not complete, UV slow curing speed, this is because, although the water has a certain effect on the inhibition of oxygen inhibition, but this can only make rapid curing surface ink film, which is dry, and not to work because the film contains water, it is difficult to escape the cured film to be uniform, continuous phase, expressed as white opaque. The presence of water, the membrane temperature is low, is not conducive to improve the gel conversion rate, film adhesion is not good. So the control formula of water content not only the formulation stability requirements, but also consider the drying efficiency.

The metal processing industry in the introduction of light curing technology UVLED, obtained the considerable development. The metal processing industry production capacity and product quality have been greatly improved.