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UVLED radiation curing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

In the industrial production of the 21 world, the efficiency is the most. This is also an indirect pursuit of profit. In industrial production, the application of UVLED has been everywhere. This not only improves the production efficiency, but also saves the cost of production, reduce electricity consumption, environmental protection and energy saving. The manufacturer is nothing, this is the main reason for the development of UVLED so quickly.

The basic meaning of radiation cure is to use UV or electron beam as the energy source, which can lead to the chemical activity of the liquid formula, and the curing process of fast reaction on the surface of the substrate is realized.

The industrial application of UV/EB curing provides an advanced processing method for curing the surface of the material. This curing technology is different from the traditional technology, the biggest advantage is that radiation curing using high efficient energy - ultraviolet light or electron beam as a trigger means to quickly realize the coating curing. Ultraviolet and electron beam can be seen as a member of a large family of radiation, the difference is that the ultraviolet radiation is a kind of electromagnetic radiation, and the electron beam is the acceleration of the high energy electron flow. The commonly used 100~380nm radiation curing UV region is divided into UV-C, UV-B and UV-A. UV light source, which is used in radiation curing, is usually the ultraviolet lamp which is excited by electric energy.

The electron beam is a kind of radiation, it is after a number of accelerated electrons flow, particle energy is much higher than that of ultraviolet light, can make the air ionization, the electron beam can be called ionizing radiation. Electron beam curing without photo initiator, can be directly caused by chemical reaction, and the material penetration than UV Everbright much. Device for generating electron beam called electron accelerator. A scanning electron accelerator radiation curing used, very similar to the basic principle and family use tv. Scanning electron current TV screen has accelerated visual information in TV, electron beam electron accelerator radiation curing in the scanning surface of the substrate so as to realize the curing process.

Radiation curing is a new technology developed on the basis of existing science and technology, so it can be regarded as the formation of multiple techniques structure of complex, including radiation source, raw materials, monomers and oligomers, photo initiator, agent, all kinds of additives, chemical composition, substrate and coating device etc.. Radiation curing only through reasonable configuration to these technical elements of its inherent vitality. In fact, these elements have formed the interdependent market chain in industrial radiation curing process, to ensure the market competitiveness, so the radiation curing is a system engineering.

UV curing device is capable of energized issued by strong ultraviolet light to a kind of mechanical equipment of UV curing inks, UV coating. UV curing equipment by light source system, ventilation system and control system, transmission system, box and UV irradiation head parts. UV curing equipment has been widely used in printing, electronics, building materials, machinery and other industries. The types and styles of UV curing equipment because of its light solid products are different, but the ultimate goal is the same, that is used for the UV or UV light oil curing ink. UV irradiation head core components of UV curing equipment. By the LED chip row group in different ways, the LED chip can be composed of LED point light source, LED line light source and the LED surface light source three different radiation pattern of the irradiation head, head irradiation determined the degree of UV curing equipment control system is different.

With the curing technology of high-speed development, and customers on the printed goods of high quality, high efficiency, high grade artistic pursuit, previous rate of curing, curing quality, the effect of curing is far unable to meet the needs of customers for the higher; professional curing technology level, the optimal UV ink quality, equipped with efficient, automated UV curing equipment, has become now and future curing industry the most basic and most important of the winning factors. Curing technology process, professional skills, selection and use of UV ink, in various professional books and periodicals are not uncommon, and UV curing equipment was ignored by many customers and manufacturers, to obtain the best artistic effect, cured product stand out in a number of commodities, and all the different, UV curing equipment for light solid link is can not be ignored. According to the characteristics of the selected UV ink curing mechanism and other specific circumstances, select the UV curing equipment matching, is also the most critical in the curing process.

Now than the initial curing technology has been greatly improved. But it hasn't reached the requirements of the people. If a technology has been in a state of stagnation, people will think of the invention of a new technology to replace it. Uvled light curing technology now can meet the requirements of the people, but in the future if you have this technology development will be replaced.