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Optical fiber bonded UVLED curing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Optical fiber bonded UVLED curing

In this age of the Internet, the development of science and technology. People's lives more and more convenient. All kinds of new materials and technologies have emerged in industrial production. Optical fiber is a newly developed material. Thanks to UVLED light curing, optical fibers can play a huge role in industrial production.

Optical fiber adhesive UVLED light curing. UV LED curing, preferably a light induced UV LED curing adhesive composition, the based on the total weight of monomers and / or oligomer contains at least a diacrylate monomer or oligomer polymerization of the composition; at least one multiple alkyl oxygen radical bisphenol dimethyl acrylate or the low polymer; and at least one different to be copolymerization monomer; on the condition that the composition does not contain any thio acrylate. Monomer or its oligomer. A fiber optic connector including a piece or a plurality of cable bracket, each optical fiber cable have is reinforced by fiber surrounded by optical fiber, enhancement of both fiber and optical fiber is surrounded by at least one layer of polymer coating. The fiber optic cable layer is peeled off, exposing the exposed part of the fiber to the exposed part of the reinforcing fiber, and the exposed reinforcing fiber portion is partially coated with an optical cable portion. The visible light can be injected into the UVLED curing agent into the bracket, and exposed to visible light UVLED curing up to 30 seconds, so that the optical fiber layer and stent combined into the overall structure.

The structure comprises at least one optical fiber cable, it contains at least a many fiber wrapped fibre reinforced, both of them are at least one layer of polymer coating is coated, the cable part to layer mode to divest, exposure of the fiber end is exposed to strong fiber gain, to be part of the coating of the optical cable. A visible UVLED curing adhesive for the optical cable, which is injected into the bracket, and is combined with a light guide fiber, a reinforcing fiber and a support, which are combined to form the integral structure by exposure to visible light for up to 30 seconds.

Optical fiber and cable is the basis of the information highway, cable is widely used in communications, cable television, military, etc.. As the core of the fiber optic cable, must be coated with different colors in order to identify each other. UVLED light curing fiber ink is coated on the surface of the fiber, after UVLED light irradiation can quickly UVLED curing ink.

Several key problems in the production of UV LED light curing optical fiber ink: requirements can effectively protect the fiber and not internal structure of fiber of the impact, which requires suitable for adhesion, bright color and smaller UV LED curing shrinkage, does not make the signal transmission for optical fiber coloring and attenuation. Can keep the original color, not because of the time of the cause of the fiber ink yellow or fade. UVLED light curing fiber ink UVLED curing, the requirements of the ink film properties, must have a good tolerance, such as oil, acid and alkali resistance.

Optical fiber is now mainly used in the transmission of network signals. In this age of the Internet, people are not satisfied with the speed of the existing. Has been looking for a faster speed to support the development of the internet. Uvled light curing is a simple solution to the part of the development of optical fiber.

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