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Uvled light curing technology
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Uvled light curing technology

Uvled technology is becoming more and more mature, to a lot of industry chain has brought new innovation technology. Even before the traditional manual can do fine jewelry inlaid process, and now people have begun to introduce the UVLED curing technology. There is no doubt that the production efficiency has improved a lot, but the quality of the production compared with the manual has not decreased a lot.

Light curing mosaic process, need good curing adhesive. UVLED light curing adhesive has good growth momentum in the other aspects, including the application of color glass building, more important is the application of safety crystal jade jewelry. With the aid of UV curing adhesive, the bonding process can be completed in a few seconds or a few minutes. This greatly shortens the production cycle, saving energy and improving economic efficiency. In jewelry, decoration industry, can quickly complete the gem, crystal, jade and other mosaic, positioning, etc..

From the crystal jade jewelry inlaid suite forming on the surface, the surface is smooth, but the side obvious step, relatively rough, which is due to: a circular laser emitted by the laser beam spot, normal distribution of light intensity, single scan line resin curing is parabolic, when the light along the contours of a layer by layer scanning, differences between the contour layer morphology on the side of the ideal and the actual surface will accumulate, lead to produce step effect between adjacent layers. In the stereolithography process, due to the improper or support design unreasonable parameters set up, often appear interlayer Nianjie is not solid and drift phenomenon. The following measures can effectively avoid inter layer drift, for example, a reasonable design support structure. When the workpiece has a cantilever structure, it is required to design the support. Without the support of A, the following sections will be prone to the drift of the entire cantilever. Reduced layer thickness. Because the laser curing resin thickness is limited, if the layer thickness is too large, and the depth of the cure is not enough, it is bound to cause the front and back formation level can not be bonded together, cause drift between layers. However, the layer thickness is too small to produce a burning phenomenon, that is, the part of the resin was repeatedly laser irradiation curing and burning. Lifting platform zero position. When the first layer is formed, the lifting platform is provided with a state of 0.5mm which is slightly higher than the liquid resin surface, so that the supporting structure is firmly solidified on the working table. Scanning speed. Laser power is limited, if the spot moving speed is too fast, the resin is too late to cure or cure depth is not enough, so that between the layer and layer on the laser scanning speed should not be set too high. Optical fiber and cable is the basis of the information highway, cable is widely used in communications, cable television, military, etc.. As the core of the fiber optic cable, must be coated with different colors in order to identify each other. UVLED light curing fiber ink is coated on the surface of the fiber, after UV irradiation can quickly solidified ink.

Several key problems in the production of UV LED light curing optical fiber ink contains, can effectively protect the fiber requirements, and no internal structure of fiber have an impact, which requires suitable for adhesion, bright color and small curing shrinkage, does not make the signal transmission for optical fiber coloring and attenuation. Can keep the original color, not because of the time of the cause of the fiber ink yellow or fade. UVLED light curing fiber ink curing, the requirements of the ink film properties, must have a good tolerance, such as oil, acid and alkali resistance.

In the application of UVLED light curing technology, there are always infinite possibilities, people break through the limitations of technology, so that UVLED curing technology in more and more fields to be developed.

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