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Electro plating and UVLED light curing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

UVLED light curing in recent years has begun to relate to the field of vacuum plating. This is a completely new field. This technology can make the texture of the plastic material with a sense of high quality has been enhanced. Now many manufacturers have used the plating material. This makes the application of UVLED light curing has been promoted.

UV vacuum plating coating is a new type of UV curing coating developed on the basis of UV plastic coating. With the development of plastic decoration technology development and UVLED light curing technology, a plastic products metal decoration technology generates, it is using plastic substrate primer painting, by vacuum plating or sputtering coating, coating a layer of metal film layer, then coated with paint covering and. Under the irradiation of UVLED pure UV light, it can be cured completely in a short time. After coating the surface of the plastic, flashing metallic luster, showing the noble and magnificent metal quality, simply do not see the plastic products. Plastic metal decoration not only can save large precious metal materials, but also greatly reduce the quality of the product, in recent years in manufacturing cosmetics packaging bottle and packaging box, automobile lamp, bottle cap packaging, mobile phone plastic button, watch shell won the widely recognized and applied.

Disadvantages of traditional ceramic coating is cured or self dry paint, using spray coating, spraying, roller or brush coating the coating to the ceramic surfaces, by heating or dry the solvent evaporation and the formation of the film and the ceramic to decorate and protect, but has complex operation, curing speed, high energy consumption, decoration is not strong. The UV curing technology perfect combination ceramic coatings, used for decoration and protection of ceramic or glass. With existing thermal curing or self drying ceramic coating compared with adornment sex is strong, easy to operate, fast curing speed, less energy consumption, volatile organic matter content is low.

Electroplating technology has been favored by people since it appeared, and vacuum plating has been developed rapidly with the help of UVLED curing technology. Now the plating material has been filled with our daily life.

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