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UVLED resin curing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

The resin is a good performance, applied widely. In the help of UVLED light curing technology. The resin material has high efficiency, high-quality production.

The curing mechanism of UV curing resin and other resin thermal curing is different, it must be after UV light /UVLED curing curing, UVLED light curing machine through, UV irradiation, make the heating curing. UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet and from the angle of micro polymer and some polymer materials of terminal groups, have very strong UV sensitive, only under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, functional groups in order to have enough activity again reaction, crosslinking, and curing.

UV light curing resin features: safety and environmental protection. High production efficiency, no cold season at room temperature fast curing effect. The film performance, UV glazing film not only high gloss, smooth and has heat resistance, water resistance, anti scratch performance etc.. Maneuverability is strong. Brush coating. Coating. Roll coating, coating and other processes, the coating can be thick and thin, for the requirements of film thickness of products can be more than a few times.

UV resin light curing note: light curing resin can not be mixed with other coatings use. Diluent dilution is strictly prohibited. UV type BM light curing resin, the best way to use the spray. Clean working environment.

Characteristics of light curing machine in UV resin curing. Long service life. The device has the advantages of small size, light weight, excellent workmanship, especially suitable for laboratory and small batch demand. Electric power, UVLED power is below 60W. Multiple lamp / filter combination options. The sound signal the end of the operation, automatic timing function; electronic timers record time using UVLED. Mirror geometry optimization can get the best irradiation surface.

Uvled light curing resin make this special material to get a second chance. Make a lot of production projects can be used on a large scale. Uvled curing makes this new material more and more environmental protection.