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Relationship between UVLED and alcohol concentration detection
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Relationship between UVLED and alcohol concentration detection

The application scope of Uvled light source is more and more widely. A lot of new hot up the industry can also see the shadow of UVLED light source. In recent years, with the punishment and supervision of drunk driving is more and more severe. The production and manufacture of alcohol detector is becoming more and more promising. The high tech alcohol detector used the UVLED light.

It is very important and necessary to detect, monitor and monitor the residents' personal and property safety of the residents from the factories and enterprises to the residents' families. Today, due to the enhancement of the safety consciousness of the people, to improve environmental safety and comfort requirements, coupled with gas sensor to low power, multi-function, integrated direction of development. Therefore, alcohol concentration led tester has a very broad market and potential field requirement.

The functional characteristics of the alcohol concentration LED detector has a professional design of the airway, and the alcohol content in the body. Accurate measurement results, suggesting that third alcohol content, LED lights display. Short heating time, no more than 10 seconds. Rapid response and recovery

Alcohol concentration LED detector with voice alarm, LED display gas alcohol concentration and environmental temperature, alcohol concentration and environmental temperature values automatically cycle display. Alcohol concentration LED detector can be based on different environment to set the threshold value of alcohol concentration and environmental temperature, that is more than the alcohol concentration or ambient temperature threshold for real voice alarm, prompt harm. Can be used in the production of wine, food fermentation plant, alcohol warehouse and transportation security, UVLED has a certain market prospects and practical value.

Alcohol concentration LED tester in the test process should be noted that the matter has at least 20 minutes after drinking and then to test, because the alcohol from the digestive system to absorb about 20 minutes. Drink immediately after the test, the results can only reflect the alcohol concentration in the mouth at the time, rather than the blood alcohol concentration. In order to make the test results more accurate, please wait for 20 minutes after drinking, and then to test, the test time is best from the last test 3 minutes or more. Do not wipe the product directly with chemicals or corrosive liquids, to avoid liquid flowing into the tube. If in the gas environment with high concentration, the product will not be able to work properly. If there is too much high concentration of gas in the product, the product will not work properly. Please send the product in the residual gas blown or more light shake products or wait a few minutes after the test. Do not place the closed environment and use corrosive gas or air pollution in paints, pesticides, alcohol etc. under the.

The more severe in the penalty for drunk driving and drunk driving now, regulators will certainly become more and more strict. Market demand for alcohol detector will not be less and less. Only more and more. This also makes the UVLED light source has more application areas.