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UVLED light curing stone
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Now people continuously improve the living standards of the circumstances, slowly began to understand the pursuit of higher enjoyment. In addition to the basic necessities of life have higher requirements. People's aesthetic requirements have also changed a lot. In the modern Home Furnishing decoration, people who are good at using different materials to achieve the effect of luxury. All kinds of high-grade stone is often applied to the home. It cannot do without the application of UVLED curing.

At present, our country people's standard of living continues to improve, in the continuous improvement of living environment, reflecting in an increasing demand for building decoration materials and coating materials, such as bamboo flooring, plastic or metal Kouban, all kinds of stone, and so on. Decoration paint consumption is also very high, internal and external wall coating has a lot of use water-based latex paint, wood floors, and the gusset plate has changed the past with solvent type UVLED painting phenomenon, basically all the UV curable coatings is given the coating to provide materials, reducing the use of a large quantity of solvent paint brings with it the problems of pollution.

UV curing coatings is mainly used in wood coating, along with the technology continues to develop and market opening, UV curing coatings applicable to substrate by single wood expansion to the paper, all kinds of plastic, metal, cement products, fabric, leather, stone, etc.. Stone UV curing is becoming more and more popular.

Because the stone UV curing light absorption properties, arrive below the surface of the light energy is less than the surface. In these areas the curing conditions are significantly different, the optical thickness may reduce the efficiency of light, resulting in the curing of deep data is not abundant. In ink or coating in the appearance of higher levels of radiation will provide a relatively high energy light. Stone UV curing depth more influence degree by radiation and not due to longer exposure time (the amount of radiation caused by photon density increases the photon light triggered agent collision to compensate for the light triggered agent concentration was reduced. The thicker coating can be effective, because the surface of the light absorption and trigger obstacles to the same wavelength of light to deep trigger molecules.

Stone UV light curing good permeability, no solvent, short curing time, the advantages of the traditional technology of low temperature and high humidity curing curing environment can not be compared, with UV light curing, can reach the best effect. Stone UV curing solid content 100%, dry, yellowing resistance, high hardness and toughness, abrasion resistance, fast curing speed, high production efficiency, small occupied space, reduce the production of consumption, improve the production efficiency.

The characteristics of stone UV curing reaction rate is very fast, after curing the hardness and tensile strength, high gloss coating, chemical corrosion resistance performance. Stone UV light curing coating features a few seconds or tens of seconds can be fully cured, after curing can be polished, the site and equipment tooling turnaround time is short, high efficiency. High and low temperature can be cured, and temperature and humidity independent. Good penetration, strong adhesion, after irradiation can be polished, polishing after high gloss, high hardness, stain resistance and good solvent. Have a slight stimulation to the skin, wear gloves to prevent by washing with soap after use. Should be stored in a cool, sunny environment, to avoid the coating in advance of the gel, viscosity increases, reduce permeability, ensure not to be volatile.

It is precisely because of the various characteristics and advantages of uvled. In order to make the stone become in line with the harsh requirements of the people. After UVLED light curing, stone can become a home improvement material. For the people of the household to increase the characteristics of the element.