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UVLED and fluorescence
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Fluorescence now in use is very common, in some daily necessities, stage effects. Fluorescent stick, etc. Dudu uses fluorescence to the special material. Fluorescent this has a special nature of the material needed to produce UVLED light curing.

The process of producing fluorescence by UVLED light irradiation has attracted great attention in the field of dental diagnostic application and other fields of health care. The absorption of some of the molecular energy of the UVA light rapidly excited to a very high level, and the distribution of heat until its energy decreased to a lower level. If this conversion is excited in the same electron spin state, it will produce fluorescence; such as in different electron spin excited states of the complete, will produce the phosphorescence. The intensity of light emission is proportional to the concentration of the molecule in the target tissue at low concentration. It is precisely because of this feature, molecular fluorescence in the quantitative application is very helpful. Self luminous is a blanket that is used to describe the optical radiation, mixed fluorescence and phosphorescence, also includes other phenomena such as bioluminescence and the like. Many natural substances can produce fluorescence, including minerals, fungi, bacteria, keratin, collagen and human body of other tissue components; which referred for primary fluorescence and autofluorescence.

Molecular diffusion and duration of fluorescence and excitation are the same length, which is different from the creation of phosphorescence, when cut off the external excitation source molecules can still release section phosphorescence. If the light is released in optical burst a second one millionth time, the self light-emitting is known as fluorescence and vice if the release time is longer than the time, phosphorescence. Various wavelengths can be excited and emit a large range of fluorescent. As a result, the absorption spectrum and the overlap of the emission spectrum are bound to be the result of the absorption spectrum and the emission spectrum. The difference between the peak position and the peak position of the emission peak is called the Stokes shift.

Fluorescent excitation light source must be able to generate sufficient intensity of the fluorescent band absorption band of light. So far, the UVA light source can include nitrogen molecular laser, helium cadmium laser, high-voltage cadmium lamp, high-pressure xenon lamp and metal halide arc lamp. The light source is large in size, high in price and short in service life. The advanced concept of UVLED technology, UVA light-emitting diode has been developed.

If you want to observe the fluorescence, you need to use the filter, it can be through the fluorescence wavelength and not the excitation wavelength. These filters can be stained glass or polymer can also be more expensive interference filter, it is by the glass surface of the insulating materials in different refraction rate of overlapping layers made of. The different wavelengths of light will lead to constructive and destructive interference, while the other is part of the optical transmission will be reflected back out. So it is often in the measurement of the instrument on the measurement of the interference filter.

This special material can only be reflected in the dark side of the light. And in the role of UVLED light curing. Making fluorescent production convenient and quick. Also makes the fluorescence can better promotion.

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