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PM2.5 laser dust sensor can prevent the PM2.5 concentration in Shenyang
   23.3.2016    Source:www.longstartech.com.cn

WHO believes that the safe concentration of PM2.5 is 24 hours average concentration of less than 25 micrograms per cubic meter.

Shenyang's data is probably the highest level of pollution since China began monitoring air quality in 2013 and published real data.

The local government said that the concentration of PM2.5 reached a peak in the afternoon of 8, more than 1200 micrograms per cubic meter. The official Xinhua News Agency reported that in some of the monitoring sites as high as 1400 micrograms per cubic meter.

The highest level of warning issued by the local residents, warned residents to stay indoors, and asked the factory to cut production to reduce pollution.

Social media published pictures show the sky was black, some people complained of sore throat.

In winter, coal is usually burned in the north of China, and it is believed that this will lead to air pollution. Factory emissions and vehicles are also the main cause of China's air pollution.

With the development of science and technology, the improvement of life, the pollution of our environment is becoming more and more serious.

In the television host Jing Chai's report, our people slowly understand the concept of PM2.5 is fine particulate matter refers to ambient air in the equivalent diameter equivalent to less than 2.5 microns in diameter particles.

Due to the deteriorating environment, the domestic air purifier industry active up, but only purification for the use of the national is unknown, no specific figures show, cannot deep consciousness to PM2.5 changes, buy their own purifier is effective fruit and so on.

Based on the above reasons, some domestic R & D the laser PM2.5 dust detection sensors, this sensor is the use of 650nm laser, using the principle of light scattering, detection of airborne PM2.5 content; consistency of the main difference between this and previous led sensor is laser, poly coking, single wavelength characteristics, can distinguish between PM10, PM2.5 and other components.

Division I is the general agent of South Korea QSI laser diode, laser industry professional and familiarity of the degree, set up a special laser module division, the R & D department for PM2.5 laser dust sensor of laser light source (laser module), can according to the tailored to the specific requirements of each company, including focal length, size and shape, the size of the power and so on.