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LED industry market reform to accelerate the UVLED, IRLED fields fiery
   23.3.2016    Source:www.longstartech.com.cn

LED industry for the rapid market change. In recent years have to adjust organization and strategy direction and also improve luminous efficiency, slashing prices low cost at the same time, trying to break into the niche market to increase the profit. Currently led mainstream applications, including mobile phones, large size backlight, lighting and car with growth momentum slowed down, increasing led factory invested in niche market applications such as UVLED and IRLED, is expected to boost the market demand.

LED stored in ultra said that in 2015 the global LED market value estimated at about $, the annual growth rate (YoY) fell to 2%, but due to the LED price fell fast and fierce, do not rule out the possibility of negative growth in the fourth quarter settlement.

Storage in that LED industry has entered a period of plain estimated in the next five years, the global LED market years compound growth rate (CAGR) fear only about 3%, led the imbalance between supply and demand will continue, but in the LED industry overall Diding under should be can accelerate the elimination of void capacity, forcing some manufacturers out of the market. As for the LED niche market applications such as infrared (Infrared, IR) LED, ultraviolet (Ultraviolet, UV) LED, and according to its different wavelengths are divided into UVA, UVB, UVC, then the relative opportunity to drive growth in demand. Taiwan factory EPISTAR research, the optical crystal, and factory, machine installed (Nikkiso), were also at the meeting for UVLED, IRLED sectors to express their views.

IRLED: night vision systems, high demand for biological sensing

Crystal electric R & D Center Deputy Chief Xie Mingxun pointed out that UVLED, IRLED a niche market, currently in demand although modest but profits are good, IRLED, single price about same size blue LED 8 to 16 times. Crystal power has UV to IR full spectrum LED chip, where IRLED is mainly used in the security monitoring (Security) and sensor (Sensor) two categories.

The security monitoring field. Applications include using network monitoring camera IR850nm 940nmLED, and set in the headlights of night vision (Nightvision) system, driving vision up to 150 to 200 meters away, and more clear. Xie Mingxun further said that the night vision system for IRLED demand should be the largest.

Sensing device is widely applied in the fields, except for smart phones the proximity sensor ProximitySensor module, wearable devices, containing the outlook highly optimistic about the bio sensing device (Bio-Sensor) application, such as detection of heart rate and blood oxygen, the former uses IR530nm, 660nm, 940nmLED. The latter is the IR660nm 940nmLED. In addition, for the need for special wavelengths of iris recognition applications, there is also a IR810nmLED crystal, the competition has a considerable advantage.

UVLED: customized solutions to the industry, the medical field

According to the analysis, 2014 UVLED market penetration up to 15%, market size of about $122 million storage in super estimated 2020 UVLED market scale is expected to grow quickly more than $3 billion; and in its market, and UVA accounted for 90% of the proportion of high, the largest religious applications undoubtedly UV curing UVcuring.

Research crystal photoelectric Chairman Michigan description and application of UV curing covers medical adhesive, electronic parts assembly, printing, coating etc.; others, such as photocatalyst sterilization, UV exposure also belongs to the category of UVA application. He said that due to the design of these applications are not the same, so that UVLED more difficult to replace the traditional UV lights, you must create a whole system can be replaced, and even the use of mixed light to meet customer needs.

Michigan said that currently UVALED has been gradually applied in the field of industrial and universalization, over the next two years is expected to grow significantly, but he also admitted that, despite its relatively high gross profit, want to cut into the market still have to overcome many obstacles. UVALED belongs to the highly customized market, and to serve as a guide to provide customers with a comprehensive solution, a single design is not corresponding to all the needs, and high light intensity (HighIrradiance), collimating light CollimatedOptics and cost, also must balance compromise.

UVLED another important market, it is applied to sterilization, medical, resin hardening and other areas of deep ultraviolet (DeepUltraviolet, DUV) LED. The DUVLED product wavelength of NIKKISO (Japanese Japanese factory) is 250nm to 350nm, which is directed by Professor Amano Hiroshi and Professor Nobel, who is the winner of the Akasaki Yong prize for physics. Nikkiso manager CyrilPernot said, DUVLED product performance after years of continuous improvement, the 285nm products under the current of 350mA, output power from 30MW up to 50MW. On the other hand, aimed at the development and application of modular solutions, for example for the disinfection of application development a sterilization water purification equipment module.

Not visible light field threshold, to promote the industry to promote industrial growth

A comprehensive overview of the development of the field of light in the field of LED, Chu Chu IRLED, UVLED has a very good prospect, such as IRLED application in biological sensing, UVCLED application in the field of sterilization and so it is worth looking forward to. However, due to the threshold is not low into the field, not the introduction of the product will be able to successfully enter the market.

To IRLED for biosensing for example must through a series of complicated certification and needs a long time, depending on the brand manufacturers import speed, so the chances are relatively easy to evaluate; and mostly adopts a UVLED customized, manufacturers can not as in the past as economies of scale to drive down the cost of must be enterprise restructuring to for customized orders at a rapid rate. Storage in the future LED market is still in the future business opportunities, and look forward to the relevant technical breakthroughs and innovation, the market continued to grow as a driving force.