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Global photovoltaic market value or has reached $150 billion
   23.3.2016    Source:www.longstartech.com.cn

From the international society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) analysis shows that the overall size of the global photovoltaic market at least $150 billion. The data from the SPIE industry and market strategist at Steve Anderson in 9 in New York earlier this month (New York Photonics, NYP photoelectric) annual meeting of the report. Mr Anderson described the report: "for those who are seeking influence in their respective areas of industry leaders and academic researchers, this analysis can provide very valuable information."


In addition, it is also a valuable new resource for those who are seeking the best investment direction to ensure the future economic strength and national security risk investors and policy makers.

700 thousand jobs

Reports from the SPIE show that the core market of global optoelectronic components consists of 2750 companies in 46 countries, each year produces about $156 billion in revenue. These companies can provide 700 thousand jobs, the main production materials, LED, laser, detector, image sensor, lens, prism, optical filter, grating, optical fiber and other optoelectronic components.

Anderson commented that the SPIE analysis of a project team will focus on the size of the global use of photonics market statistics. He said: "the industry around the world are very welcome to these data, also appreciate the transparency report, which is an important factor of reputation."

SPIE analysis report on the photoelectron industry can generate jobs and revenue estimates and the policy formulation influence has brought in some areas is very obvious, such as in Europe, photoelectron has been identified as the six key driving technology of.