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UV LED will change the pattern, UVLED mercury lamp replacement
   23.3.2016    Source:www.longstartech.com.cn

Original title: UV LED will become a substitute for energy-saving lamp?

According to reports, the United States has recently introduced a semiconductor (VishayIntertechnology) with a silicon resin lens of the new ceramic substrate UVLED - VLMU5200-385-140. Vishay VLMU5200-385-140, aims to provide a reliable and energy-saving alternative to mercury lamps. It has a very long service life, the use of 5.2mmx5.2mmx3.1mm surface mount package, can be used for medical, industrial and printing applications.

Compared with the typical mercury lamp, silicone lens VLMU5200-385-140 achieves extremely long service life. Environment friendly UVLED does not contain heavy metals, impact resistance, not because of frequent on / off and deterioration, reliability greatly improved. Mercury lamp requires complex driving circuit and a 15 minute warm-up time, and VLMU5200-385-140 only need to simple low voltage circuit, and does not require preheating time.

Using InGaN technology, the release of the devices in the 500mA and 700mA current when the typical radiation power of 2500mW and 3600mW, respectively, the wavelength range from 380nm to 390nm. The emission angle of VLMU5200-385-140 is 140, and the radiation intensity of 700mA is 1054mW/sr.

Such performance specifications make it very suitable for the nail, dental and poster printing UV curing, blood and counterfeit detection, and the photocatalytic purification. VLMU5200-385-140 in line with the EU environmental protection (RoHS) and the world (Vishay) green standards, no halogen, suitable for reflow soldering process, the moisture sensitivity level of 2 to J-STD-020.