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Ten development trends of LED industry in 2016
   23.3.2016    Source:www.longstartech.com.cn

2015 for the majority of LED industry is a very tough year. Despite the rising demand for LED lighting, and a large number of traditional lighting to replace the application, but the oversupply so that the average LED unit price fell by 30~40%. Makes more and more manufacturers are facing losses and withdraw from the market. For the upcoming 2016, LEDinside Research Associate in LED for storage industry outlook sorted out ten trends. From the market to explore the future of the whole LED industry may be. And technical side to explore the new direction of the development of LED technology.

1.LED industry growth slowed down in the future

Due to the oversupply of LED industry, making the average price fell sharply, LEDinside estimates of global high brightness LED market value in 2015 alone amounted to $, only 2% of the level of growth. And look forward to the next five years, although demand for lighting and led using the number continues to grow, but as to enhance the efficiency of LED, led to the use of reduction in number of stars led prices there is still pressure decline. So looking forward to the next five years, the annual compound growth rate of the LED industry is not easy to appear in the past more than 10% of the growth rate.

2.LED devices will eventually reduce the price decline

2015 backlight and lighting market demand as expected, making LED chip and package of the average price are declining dramatically, especially in 2H15 LED chip and packaging prices appear diving down, even partial specifications of LED chip and package price has fallen to material cost. Causes many LED manufacturers to face a loss dilemma. Although in the short term led still faces constant price pressure, but long-term observation, led price has close many manufacturers cost of production, can be expected in the future there will be more and more manufacturers out of the market, and therefore the future of LED depreciate space will shrink.

3 China for the LED industrial policy shift

Due to the past ten years, the Chinese government to support the LED industry spare no effort, but also invested a lot of resources to subsidize enterprises to enhance the LED domestic ratio. At present, China is already the world's largest LED lighting production base. But more upstream of the MOCVD device or part of the material is only able to rely on foreign enterprises. Therefore, the future of China's policy will encourage industrial innovation, and more attention in the upper reaches of the basic materials, such as the development of wide band gap semiconductor, or the era of Internet of things smart lighting applications.

4.LED business closures reproduction

Due to fluctuations in exchange rates in 2015, leading to poor market demand for countries in the world, coupled with the continued decline in prices. Many of the small and medium sized LED enterprises are facing enormous pressure of loss. As many companies have entered a vicious cycle of cash outflows, will lead to a small part of the poor physical fitness of small manufacturers out of the market because of the chain of funds. Especially in the Chinese lunar year, there will be a wave of LED manufacturers collapse.

5 Chinese LED manufacturers to expand overseas mergers and acquisitions and transformation

Chinese listing Corporation by virtue of the valuation of A shares bonus, through the stock market and the government's financial support to expand overseas mergers and acquisitions. Especially the part of Chinese enterprises has begun to target the LED patent Dachang and lighting brand, hoping to fill strong patent and overseas sales channels. In addition, we also observed in more and more LED manufacturers also began to seek the transformation, part of the Chinese LED manufacturers also began to through mergers and acquisitions to cross foot in other areas, in the hope of getting rid of competition bargain market in the Red Sea.

And in addition to the LED technology, we also observed five major technology trends:

6 TV LED backlight into the flip chip LED (FlipChipLED)

In the past, due to the yield and production cost factors, only a small number of manufacturers as the main products of LED technology. But after 2014, more and more Taiwan and South Korean manufacturers put into the LED technology development, quality improvement and cost reduction benefits gradually emerge. 2015 Korean LED manufacturers have been greatly imported TV LED backlight area, while the Korean TV brand manufacturers have also greatly adopted the flip chip LED as a LED back light source. We also observed that more and more Taiwan and Chinese manufacturers have begun to actively promote the flip chip LED, and even more compact CSPLED in the field of television. The permeability of flip chip LED technology in TV LED backlight in the next few years will be quickly pulled.

7 low power, replacing the light source products will rapidly enhance permeability

Because of the LED bulb lamp and the lamp tube this kind of replacement light source product specification has been gradually standardized. Coupled with the positive promotion of the various lighting brand manufacturers, the current LED bulb lamp retail price of many countries have been close to the price of the traditional energy-saving lamps. Outlook 2016, various lighting manufacturers continued to find lower cost solutions, except that led to price, LED lighting manufacturers also began to focus on driving power supply, other components if there is room for price cuts, hope through the overall system design to achieve lower cost solutions. And the lighting brand manufacturers hope that through the low price of the retail price and expand product sales to enhance market share. As a result, the penetration rate of replacement light source products will increase rapidly in three years.

8 bright prospects for intelligent lighting, but the road is rough

Although the LED manufacturers for smart lighting to shout loudly, but in fact it is not expected to market sales. The main reason, in addition to the high price, the most critical issue is whether the additional features provided by intelligent lighting to meet the real needs of consumers. Additional features of the current intelligent lighting is still likely to remain in the remote control, color and color temperature changes, but the majority of consumers doesn't seem willing to to these functions to extra pay higher premium. And LEDinside observed, intelligent lighting combined with things, there will be the opportunity to generate additional value, but this involves