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Seoul semiconductor or won the UVLED industry's first throne
   23.3.2016    Source:www.longstartech.com.cn

Original title: Seoul semiconductor or won the UVLED industry's first throne?

On the one hand, UVLED market, although limited but high margin is very attractive, on the other hand, the general lighting market to enter the price war profits continue to decline, prompting many LED manufacturers particularly in midstream packaging companies jump UVLED new blue ocean to develop, in 2008, only about 10 companies in the development and manufacturing of UVLED and more than 50 companies involved in the UVLED market (of which there are 30 home is in 2012 to 2014 period involved).

Recently, Seoul semiconductor in the field of UVLED for "high-profile" layout, according to daily reports in South Korea, Seoul semiconductor company, Seoul viosys intends to acquire SETi (SensorElectronicTechnology) 50% stake in the company, with emphasis on expanding its business.

From the point of view of the current technology and market, the SETi is industry generally believe that the world of UV-B and UV-C is doing the best enterprise, the dominated deep UV LED performance throne has more than 10 years. Note: UV-LED product specifications EBOHR long can be divided into UV-A (long wavelength ultraviolet, 320~400nm), UV-B (in the wavelength of ultraviolet, 280~320nm) and UV-C (short wavelength ultraviolet 200~280nm) three categories. )

In the UVLED technology level, the Seoul semiconductor is inferior to the second tier SETi enterprise, its access to the UVLED market earlier, has developed a full wavelength UVLED products, the most short wavelength can be done 275nm. Its subsidiary, Seoul Viosys was founded in 2002, Viosys Vc firms NitrideSemiconductor proposed joint research and development and technical cooperation with Seoul semiconductor, the development of long radiation wavelength (360nm to 400nm) UVLED department. Seoul Visoys since 2005 began to cooperate with the SETi, the commercialization of radiation wavelength 350nm following UVLED chip commercialization, its product life and brightness is recognized. And its LED patented technology, including Acrich, nPola, UVLED and UVLED system applications, also obtained IEEE spectrum journal certification, which for the Seoul semiconductor in the field of UVLED added more competitive.

Seoul semiconductor has first entered UVLED manufacturers in the United States prepare for class management turnover, by becoming SETi company's largest shareholder, Seoul semiconductor can be requirements to upgrade its southern California UVLED chip factory shipments to the original three times. At the same time, it is necessary to master the management authority, leading the strategic management to develop and expand the production of UVLED.

Now Seoul semiconductor company, Seoul Visoys increase its stake in SETi, become largest shareholder, or has stepped on its first throne? Show on the mainland manufacturers Qingdao Jason, Jing Rui optoelectronics, honglitronic and crystal power plant, light hung, research crystal, billion light, Lunda, Edison and other budding force also nots allow to ignore, this year light sub everywhere UVLED products is evident. 2019 $UVLED market who led the dollar is still unknown.