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Laser sensor has become a widely used measurement tool in the field of iron and steel industry.
CLASS: QSI Laser Diode      DATE:2016-3-23    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Laser sensor is increasingly becoming a common tool in the field of iron and steel industry, such as casting, machining, welding, robot and so on. It is mainly aimed at small and medium size of metal technology, high frequency measurement requirements for quality monitoring, without direct contact with the metal surface and almost in any environment to operate.

Horizontal continuous casting control

The improvement of the automation of the casting process requires more and more precise control of horizontal continuous casting. Fill level measurement depends largely on different types of floating system. But because these systems are in direct contact with the melt surface, it is easy to fail due to the bonding of the melt. The non-contact laser system provides the perfect solution: no direct contact with the melt free measurement characteristics and provide many other advantages, such as in the metal surface to a larger range of large range measurement. The main field of application is the monitoring of horizontal continuous casting furnace, such as casting shell, gutters, connecting piece and die.

Thickness measurement

Two sensors are arranged to measure the thickness of the base. First, the origin of a roller, the product on the roller, and the side of the contact with the rotating shaft is used as the zero point, the next measurement is measured with respect to the zero value of a thickness. Another kind of thickness measurement, product located in between two sensors in the above and below the mobile, two sensors to measure the distance difference to obtain the value of the thickness of the product, the measuring device has the advantages of is products can be at the time of transmission vibration does not occur when the measurement error. Air cooled OPTIMESS sensor can measure the high temperature material. The measurement system of the shuttle thickness can realize the measurement of the fixed thickness of different track.

geometric measurement

If the product is in addition to the thickness, it is necessary to measure the width, length and edge angle, then the OPTIMESS and OPTISCAN scanner can be used. Length - by no contact length measurement system independent measurement of the entire slab geometry, two located in the products above and below the scanner for detecting thickness and profile, the two sides of the product of two point is located at the measuring optimess sensors determine the width. The shape of the steel plate is continuously measured by moving the entire plate through the measuring frame.