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Application of laser diffraction in particle detection in liquid medium
CLASS: QSI Laser Diode      DATE:2016-3-23    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Why does the delicious yogurt always have the same taste? Why does the medical ointment always have the same effect? All this is due to their "drop" size. The same size of the liquid drops on the taste of yogurt, the viscosity of medical ointment, etc. have a decisive impact. Therefore, the manufacturers of these products also pay great attention to the size of the particles in the liquid medium.

It is very important for the manufacturer to monitor the product in the process of production process. And process equipment production process monitoring also provides the following advantages: the real-time detection data can be timely collected, real-time detection data can be timely feedback to the main control system of process equipment. This is compared with the optimal solutions of different batches of production and products quality, also the real-time detection can also reduce the waste in the production process equipment, reduce energy consumption and prolong the service life of the equipment. In the silty raw materials in the production process, quality control method application has long; in the liquid medium of the production process, LPS, for example in the suspension liquid products, emulsification liquid products and mud products, online testing instruments for real-time liquid droplets monitoring.

In the on-line detection of the liquid medium particles, the raw material is continuously flowing through the detection area. The detected solid particles or droplets will produce a certain scattering fringe and diffraction fringe.


Application of laser diffraction

The working principle of LPS droplet size detection method is laser diffraction. The tested raw material flows continuously through the detection area. The solid particles or droplets are detected to produce a certain scattering fringe and diffraction fringe. Detection instrument for the detection and analysis of these stripes, and then calculate the size of particles or droplets.

When the detected particle concentration is high in the medium, can use multiple scattering methods for detection, thus reducing the impact on the average particle size detection. The effect of particle concentration in the medium of the automatic correction by detecting system software. Therefore, this system can realize the on-site detection of process equipment, can detect the 10000ppm concentration of the medium particles. In many processes, the degree of uniformity of particle size is an important process parameter control. Therefore, the real-time detection value of detection system has a close relationship with the time, said the function of particles change with time. The system uses the software of the control can be classified by date storage of these data, transmitted to the control system more advanced data.

At the concentration of 10000ppm particles is detected, the detection area of the instrument can also be no problem detection, laser diffraction can be directly installed in a component are diluted or on process equipment. If the detected viscous emulsion or slurry medium is larger, it needs to deal with certain skills, in order to get accurate results.

Dilute solution

When the measured medium viscosity is large, in the detection of them before the first dilution. A high dilution system should be diluted repeatable, to ensure that every time the result of dilution is the same; and the required maintenance should be as few as possible. For this purpose, you can take the following two schemes:

If from the process perspective, the need for continuous detection, and dilution multiples of less than 1:1000, you can use all of dilutors. It will be pumping, dilution and output functions in a body.

If the concentration is too high or medium process equipment, work pressure is too high, it is not possible to use the continuous sampling. The need to adopt another solution: the use of rotary type sampler. The purpose is from the production process take out samples. In a continuous mixing container, these samples were diluted, mixed diluent, finally to detect. If you need further dilution, can be used for homogenizing dilution.

Insitec LPS liquid medium particle detector continuously and real-time of process equipment in the production process of the product particles and droplets size were detected, such as the particles in the suspension liquid products, emulsification liquid products and mud products, droplet size were detected.

Repeat precision

In the sampling mode, the user is worried about whether to repeat the same precision, each sampling time of sampling to. Therefore, the system must be able to prove that each particle dilution test data is stable. In the times of dilution of mud detection experiments also prove that the degree of dilution to detect particle size have no effect, this also means that the dilution process can achieve very high repeat accuracy.

The liquid medium particle detector is designed for real-time detection of continuous. Each part of the system can be configured according to the actual process of equipment.

Modular structure to improve the flexibility of manufacturing equipment

Tester Malvern LPS liquid medium particles is a liquid particle continuous online detection instrument. Every parts of it: sampler, a diluter, dilution device, a detector and a control software and so on, can according to the specific production process to separate configuration.

Tester LPS liquid medium particle sampler every time out from the pipe length of 2.5mm process equipment in the medium as testing samples. The liquid medium flow will not be interrupted during sampling, which can avoid the blockage of the pipe flow. When necessary, such as pipeline process equipment of high pressure, can use a special