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How to recognize the laser range finder
CLASS: QSI Laser Diode      DATE:2016-3-23    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

The laser range finder is an instrument which uses the laser to measure the distance of the target accurately. Laser range finder at work to shoot a bunch of very fine laser, by photoelectric element receives the reflected laser beam timer determination laser beam from the launch to receive the time, calculate the distance from the observer to the target.

If the laser is continuous emission, the measurement process can be up to 40 kilometers, and can work day and night. If the laser is a pulse emission, the general absolute accuracy is low, but for long distance measurement, it can achieve a good relative accuracy.

The world's first laser, by the Hughes Aircraft Co of the United States Maiman in 1960, the first successful development. On the basis of the rapid development of the military laser equipment. In 1961, the first military laser range finder was tested by the US military, and the laser range finder soon became a practical utility.

Since the laser range finder prices continue to decline, the industry has gradually began to use the laser range finder. At home and abroad, a new type of micro range finder, which has many advantages such as fast ranging, small size, reliable performance, can be widely used in industrial control, mining, port and other fields.

Laser is a new technology developed in the sixty's.. It is a very pure color, energy is highly concentrated, the direction of a very good light. Laser range finder is a kind of instrument that uses laser to measure distance. Its principle is very simple: the determination of distance by measuring the time that the laser begins to be emitted to the laser to reflect back from the target. For example with a laser range finder to measure the moon's distance, if the laser from the beginning of the emission to come back from the moon reflection time were determined for 2.56 seconds laser transmitter to the moon one-way time is equal to 1.28 seconds, while the laser speed is the speed of light, is equal to one per second three hundred thousand kilometers. As a result, the distance between the moon and the earth is the product of one way time and the speed of light, that is, three hundred and eighty-four thousand kilometers. In order to transmit and receive the laser, and timing, laser range finder by the laser transmitter, receiver, clock oscillator and distance counter, etc..

Laser range finder can also be used for satellite tracking and ranging, measuring the altitude of the aircraft, aiming at the target, as well as surveying and mapping, surveying and so on.

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