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LED UV industry Watch: market size is small, the development can be expected
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-23    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Currently widely used in lighting, display and other visible areas of GaN based blue, green and white LED market competition is fierce, has become a deep red sea". As a result, the market has gradually been considered to be the "blue ocean" ultraviolet (UV) band penetration. UV LED began to gradually replace the traditional UV light source, Yoledevelopment UV LED is expected in 2016 the market size will reach $150 million, share in the traditional UV market will increase from 10.4% in 2011 to 28.1% in 2016.

In the summer of 2015 the LED price war caused the whole industry devastated. In 2015, LED lighting market competition environment of the situation, many LED manufacturers have moved to the UV LED application market. At present, the application of LED UV is very much, involved in the field is also very broad.

So LED UV can be used in what areas? It is what kind of magic so that more and more LED manufacturers rush? To this end, a small series of LED UV specifically for the purpose of a preliminary summary, so that we can find out what.

First of all, LED UV in the medical field can show their skills

Inada was irradiated with ultraviolet LED (365 nm) on Jurkat tumor cells. By comparison, the number of apoptosis and necrosis after irradiation with ultraviolet LED and the traditional light source system is approximately consistent. This proves that the UV LED has the potential and possibility as phototherapy with new light source, and can replace the cumbersome system, life is short, high energy consumption of the traditional ultraviolet fluorescent lamp.

Secondly, UV LED shine in the field of biological detection

Scientists have developed LED UV fluorescence detection system, system LED module the six 3W 405 nm UV-LED and 6 3 W 375 nm UV-LED for fluorescence detection, and is equipped with three white led to provide a visible image of general lighting. Most of the complete fluorescence data can be obtained when the BL-ORT is excited by a pulse of MS in a period of 30 UV-LED. And the pulse energy consumption of the excitation light source can be reduced to 50%. This system can be used for fluorescence detection of biochemical reaction, security, industry, agriculture and other fields.

Again, UV LED in the field of sterilization and disinfection effect of Daxian

At present, the global shortage of resources, especially water resources for what. Therefore, to use a lot of water resource scarcity in the country the water cycle is very important. Scientific research found that with the use of a separate a UV-LED compared to using a combination of UV-A and UV-C two led to more effectively reduce the content of microorganisms in wastewater, and 37% of the oxidative muscle anhydride and phenol. The results comparable to use such as TiO2 photocatalyst effect. This method can effectively use the regeneration of city wastewater.

In addition, UV LED great prospects in the field of compound degradation

Roddick of 255 nm UV-LED combined with H2O2 batch reactor for treatment of high salt city sewage in the reverse osmosis concentrate effect. The dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentration, color and pH value (pH value) as the detection index. The results show that the UV-LED in the field of reverse osmosis concentrate degradation treatment has a potential application prospect.

In addition, UV LED have a brilliant future in the printing field of lithography

UV curing is one of the main direction of UV-LED industry application. Bowling Green State University study group compared with the UV-LED and traditional UV light source is used for curing acrylate effect of both the polymerization rate and formation of the coating properties, confirmed that the UV-LED can replace the traditional UV light source for various curing applications.

Finally, UV LED in optical communication way

Ultraviolet communication as a new means of communication, and its most prominent advantage is not easy to detect and intercept and non line of sight communication can be carried out by scattering, is very suitable for close range anti interference and obstruction of communication environment.

UV LED is a commercial development, its application field has become the object of LED manufacturers competing layout. Then the UV LED far development situation and how is it?

Now, due to the UV LED technical level, the manufacturer is not much, generally can be divided into four levels. Industry generally believe that the UV-B and UV-C the best in the world is the United States SETi, dominated the performance of deep UV LED throne has more than 10 years; followed by South Korea's LGIT and Seoul semiconductor; also is the United States Lumileds and Germany OSRAM; China involved in the field of UV LED manufacturers have already returned to the fourth level, mainly Taiwanese companies, including light macro, Lian Sheng, Xuming and so on, and, Jing Rui optoelectronics and Qingdao Jason. Among them, the United States, Japan, South Korea UV LED enterprises accounted for the dominant position

Due to the technical difficulty, many want to enter the field of enterprises prohibitive, UV LED in the Chinese market has not yet fully open, with LED market increasingly saturated, the enterprise wants to in the LED market gains, in addition to vision, more need to have excellent technology for support.

UV LED is one of the most sought after technology, can say who would have to break the technical difficulties in the field, who will be able to master the right to speak. Then, the global UV LED technology patent is presented the distribution of what?

According to LED industry patent alliance released of the UV LED patent technology analysis report, epitaxial chip and package device "shows, from the point of view of regional patent composition, nearly 200 copies of the UV LED epitaxy, chip and device packaging field related patent, patent number most is China, accounted for 56%; followed by the United States, Taiwan and Japan, South Korea in the field also has a considerable advantage.

Although China's LED UV patent number occupies an absolute leading edge, but the current Chinese UV-LED companies have not mastered the core technology, especially in the field of chip, epitaxy and device packaging. Therefore, China's LED UV industry is still in the early stages of development.

Although the UV LED market scale is not large, and due to the UV LED chip core technical difficulties caused the product price is quite expensive, but with LED lighting profits become lower and lower, in addition to 2016 led price war or continue to heat up, application of UV LED into a new blue ocean, the development period.