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UV LED jumped tomorrow star LED UV-A take the lead to take off
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-23    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

LED industry will usher in "a riot of colour in the spring. (1) UV-CLED is expected to enter the outbreak from the 2017~2018 growth period, the global market value of the overall sterilization market reached $500 billion. (2) infrared LED application in security monitoring market size in 2017 will grow to $30 million ~4000 million.

Mainly in the visible part of the current development of LED light source industry, includes a backlight, lighting and so on. However, due to the impact of the price war, emphasize standard specification of lighting products prices continued to decline sharply, lead to LED industry facing the severe impact.

Not visible light has become the Red Sea market with visible light LED, UV LED), infrared (IR) led and other applications is carried out in succession, due to its technical barriers to entry, many applications in industrial or consumer products would be expected from unit price of low price competition.

UV LED jumped to the stars of tomorrow

LED UV-A take the lead off

UV LED is only beginning to expand the application of the technology in the past UV-A years, which, 320~400nm band about fall in UV-B, 2~3 about 290~320nm, UV-C band is at 240~290nm.

With the largest range of UV-A and UV-C market potential, if the fabrication technology of LED components from the point of view, the short wave length is more difficult, compared to the large number of blue LED grain competition, crystallization of UVLED is difficult to make the, technical threshold is difficult to more than 10 times, especially short band of manufacturers of rarely, not through throwing money or poaching can be resolved.

In addition to grain production is not easy, packaging technology is not good to do, because UVLED for packaging material damage degree than blue light LED greater, especially short of materials to absorb more, can easily damage the material, so end packaging also need to technology development.

First to UV-A LED products UV-A and now LED lighting is more similar, mainly in order to replace the existing UV products, including energy saving, long life and other characteristics is to promote the growth momentum in the substituted, the UV-A LED is mainly used in industrial products, such as printing curing, replace the exposure process products.

From the point of view of the cost difference of UVLED, due to industrial products in the power supply design needs a few kilowatts ~ million kilowatts of power, and must be used for a long time, UV-ALED will greatly reduce the energy consumption, and led with characteristics of rapid switch, help to save power consumption.

In addition, traditional UV lamp high temperature and ozone problem, so the factory must to also install air conditioning system by pulling off the ozone, so when UV-ALED applied to curing or exposure to create, not just Province under the lamp in the cost of electricity, as well as the overall environment and air conditioners and other expenses.

However, LED light source is a single wavelength, the characteristics of the straight, while the traditional UV lamp is multi wavelength, which also increased the threshold of LED UV-A market entry. When UV-A led to replace the lamp, because the original printing ink is in accordance with multi wavelength to design of the deployment of, so single wavelength must first mixed light and intensity, irradiation distance, uniform and need do the overall consideration, irradiation accuracy is very high, light-emitting angle is very small, only about 6 degrees of parallel light.

So LED LED and UV-A lighting design is very different, not only test the ability of the packaging plant, but also have to make a UV-ALED system products, according to different customer needs to design.

UV-C LED is in favor of clean industry, such as before the, UV-C such difficulties is the highest, only a few Japanese or American manufacturers has related technologies and are originally specializing in clean areas, chemical manufacturers.

According to market estimates, the global market value of the global sterilization market reached $500 billion, due to the principle of UV-C is to use the absorption band to break the DNA chain of bacteria, so that bacteria will not reproduce to achieve bactericidal function. This was originally applied in industrial wastewater treatment, although the conversion efficiency of LED UV-C is still very low, only about 1~2%, compared to the tube of 10~20%, but UV can not do the handheld products.

So LED UV-C is not a substitute for the energy efficiency of the tube, but a substantial increase in the use of convenience, and to create new opportunities for application. LED UV-C in the future can be applied in medical sterilization, medical analysis instrument, surface sterilization, mobile phones, taps, refrigerators, etc., is not focused on replacing the old products, but for the convenience of the use of design and development.

Recent estimates of the relevant market research agency, and its market size (grain plus package) would be expected from $90 million in 2014 expanded to $6 billion in 2019. Among them, UV-A led by prices in recent years, the decline in influence, grow faster, 2016 the market demand began obvious takeoff, and Application in industrial grade, price volatility is low, UV-C LED is expected from 2017 - 2018 enter the outbreak period of growth.

Infrared LED turn to high power development

Security, iris recognition market growth look pretty

After the development of infrared LED technology has been used for a period of time, the waves grow about falling in 700~1200nm. But in recent years it began to transfer to the application of high power infrared, major applications in the field of security or monitoring, recently a Windows 10 began to support the iris identification function, also contributed to the development of related applications.

At present the mainstream products in the security market mostly falls in the 850~940nm and infrared wavelength if the longer, on the human eye is invisible, so the shortwave infrared products were introduced into such as night vision surveillance, biological identification, to avoid causing distress to the human eye, due to different wavelength suitable product areas are also different, mainly to see the product designers how to use.

According to market estimates, the 2014 infrared LED application in the safety monitoring of the market size 94 million dollars, 2015 will see $12 million is expected to 2017 will grow to over $300 million to 4000 million dollars. Therefore, in the future the security market a few years will be very high field growth, as long as take the camera need night vision function, in recent years, market development especially active.

With global manufacturers of Hikvision, for example, 2013 consolidated revenue of about $1.6 billion, to $27 billion in 2014 to improve, 2015 revenues of 40 billion dollars, almost every year to 50% of the rate of growth, reflecting the security market, the demand is very high.

Infrared past has been applied in iris recognition, but with the Internet, the vigorous development of the Internet of things, we risk the safety identification also paid special attention to especially iris recognition than fingerprint identification is more safe, iris recognition design about more than 200 point detection to interpretation, fingerprint detection of knowledge only about 40 or 50 points, so iris recognition of imitation ratio is very low.

In addition, 2015 Microsoft a Windows 10 system support, one after another recently camera module plant or brand industry eager, especially the use of wavelength 810nm estimated NB factory into the design steps may be faster, mainly NB applications for the thickness of the product is high tolerance, but it is expected the future either flat or mobile phones are likely to import.

Due to the infrared LED manufacturing need to use four yuan grain machine equipment, at present industry with few competitors, Taiwan LED grain plant to crystal electric, light hung, mainland market in Sanan optoelectronics for minority has production capacity of the company. Different in LED lighting needs to use the secondary optical suite in order to achieve the type of products need to light, infrared application security products tend to directly to the LED components to make light, to how to high-power products make small angle is still difficult, the recent although a succession of other LED manufacturers to cut, but there are still certain technical bottlenecks exist.

Jump off LED lighting to fight the old thinking

Invisible light emphasizes technology and integration threshold

It is worth noting that, in the past when the industry jumped in to do LED lighting, we are rushing to do the standardization of products, however, the product is not visible light industrial or commercial and other special applications. UV LED, for example, if the LED industry will still be UV LED products as originally led lighting to sell, it will undoubtedly go in the wrong direction, even if the price is cheap to 3, customers will not necessarily pay, because the UV LED must match the overall end system to carry on the design, even UV-C led future potential necessary route toward vertical integration, all the way from the components do end application.

Due to the infrared or ultraviolet LED application market in industrialized or customized products, although the overall market size as lighting huge, however, by a higher threshold for the technical and operational, optimistic about the future would be expected for a LED industry to bring new development opportunities.