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Introduction of high power semiconductor laser parameter detection
CLASS: QSI Laser Diode      DATE:2016-3-23    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

To measure the technical index of the quality of the semiconductor laser device comprises a output power, peak power, pulse width, power stability, power to current curve, luminous efficiency, threshold current, the working current and operating life etc.. . thill out power and peak power are the key indicators. It is also the basis of the above parameters testing, so power and peak power measurement is an urgent problem to be solved.

And other laser output is different from the diffraction effect of the laser diode laser beam emission angle of great (up to tens of degrees). This gives the difficulty of the test, with the existing equipment, almost impossible to directly test.

According to the characteristics of semiconductor lasers. We adopt the principle of integrating sphere. The measured laser through integral ball into the hole into the diffuse reflection of the ball, on the inner wall of the ball multiple diffuse reflections resulting in the ball surface formed uniform intensity distribution area and the incident laser linear relationship. A photoelectric type detector is positioned at the point of the integrating sphere to measure the power of the power to enter the integrating sphere. Set of test system by integrating sphere, power sampling, current sampling, waveform sampling and data processing unit composition and power measurement range of up to 2cw, the wavelength range of 400 - 1100nm. can on the device for all parameters measured, the expansion of laser average power and stability, and peak power packet rate, pulse width, working current, P - I curve, luminous efficiency, threshold current. The whole system design is the key of integrating sphere, the design must consider the attenuation ratio and the size of cavity, the cavity surface coating a must to ensure the coating to meet the requirements of the Lambertian diffuser. Stability of the coating must also be considered as a key factor affecting the reproducibility of the measurement.

The development of semiconductor laser parametric technology is focused on the research and development of low cost medium and small power meter, high power measuring instrument and high frequency response.