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PM2.5 laser detector to remind you of the house for the screen
CLASS: QSI Laser Diode      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

08 2015 12, with the emo tester PM2.5 laser is accurate and fun update App in the recently launched the first "purification efficiency detection function, this is the first attempt to define air testing industry for single purification efficiency test. With the introduction of the function of the emo has become the industry's first single can measure the purification efficiency of air detector, can not only single purification efficiency of air purifier scientific judgment, can also help users understand the actual screen intelligent life, to remind the user to replace the filter failure.

At present, the single concept of purification efficiency of purification industry is often cited in the domestic air, but is not standardized and unified, in this environment, the objective data provided by the third party testing instruments, is the user through a ring purchase decision in urgent need of completion. On the other hand, the user has purchased air purifier, a fixed date most screen replacing advice just write in the manual, and can not effectively distinguish between different users with different environment and different frequency, which leads to effective filter waste and possible failure screen two pollution. While the emo purification efficiency of detection function is introduced, it can solve a series of problems of the user.

The actual use in the function, just away from the air purifiers outlet position using the emo PM2.5 data, then the page will be zoned to the "purification efficiency test page, and click on the emo outlet position detection can be quickly obtained results in the air purifier, and the detection results can also take pictures to share. Let emo play with air purification.

In addition, in this update emo PM2.5 also increased the total number of "counting mode", in this mode you can accurately detect the 100ml air containing 0.3 m particles.

As the father of the emo, Chinese first air geeks team AIRBURG air Fort emo is equipped with the most accurate laser sensors, Japan's imports of laser light source, the industry's first constant speed air duct, and in breaking the traditional screen detector PM2.5 the standard at the same time, but for the emo band to the possibility of a more portable and more fun and more. In the market just 3 months time, the continuous update of emo App, has introduced a new play, the next is what? This has become the hottest topic among fans.