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Uvled light curing and 3D printing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

In twenty-first Century, many new fun things appear in people's field of vision, there are a lot of breaking the traditional thought of people, there are also some upgrade in the traditional things, the reform brought. For example, recently received more and more attention to the 3D printing technology. Is actually on the basis of traditional print, from 2D 3D, and joined the UV LED curing technology, before making the fantasy into reality.

Three components of UVLED light curing in different shapes and sizes, angles, bending, edge, uneven situation when needed light projected on the surface of all, and should be a reliable and sufficient energy. The general lamp is composed of lamp tube and reflector, reflector beam directed onto to gather the utensils, the reflecting cover is generally elliptic or parabolic. Using an oval shade. One focus of the ellipse in the lamp, lights in the second focus focus on forming a narrow beam of high amplitude. But due to the light divergence, from this point, the rapid reduction of radiation. Using a parabolic lampshade, in a wide range can be parallel beam of ultraviolet light, but low irradiance and increase in the shadow on a 3D object.

Because monomer stimulation and on some material then, water and its development also just around the corner, at present Europe paper glazing, water of UVLED ink, furniture coating rapid development. The main customers need to change equipment, dry faster than the original pure UVLED slow, but in the 3D inkjet ink on furniture, have a brilliant future.

In order to make the whole surface fully solidified, some measures are needed: first, to improve the shape of the oval shaped lamp shade, and change the focus of the light, so that it can be farther from the surface of the lamp. The focusing surface more wide, although this will reduce the peak of high radiation, but can make light intensity is relatively uniform, in the place which is far away from the lamp can also obtain sufficient irradiation, while maintaining the advantages of aggregation and astigmatism. To reduce the appearance of shadow; the second measure is to optimize the formulation; coatings absorption to and the light emission spectrum matches; the third is optimizing the industrial conditions, the ultraviolet light projected onto the object's energy to match the processing speed; photosensitive coating and coating thickness to optimize and in than the variation range of the optical intensity can be measured at the end of the curing surface coating.

Of course, there are special requirements for the 3D curing device. According to the size and shape of the object, the object is vertical or horizontal, whether by rotation. The shadow of potential sites get actual irradiation production line design. In order to carry out the UVLED light curing, regulation ability requirements and curing speed, the light source mounted on the robot is one of the important methods. The robot has many advantages, many fixed light source can not shine to the part can be effectively irradiation. As mentioned before, using glass steel as weatherability body up for many years.

Obviously, 3D printing technology is in a fledgling stage. People do not start to make a profit from this technology, but people are beginning to realize that the prospect of this technology, 3D printing rapidly after several years of development, but also the beginning of a number of technological breakthroughs. The initial stage not only in the beginning.

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