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UVLED light screen dispensing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

In the process of UVLED development, there have been new products. With the light curing technology of UVLED, but also a variety of new inventions for various industries continue to emerge. No matter can not be universal, but this trend is beneficial to the development of the UVLED light curing technology. Recently, UVLED dispenser attracted the attention of the people.

Dispensing UVLED light curing technology is the state's key support and promote the application of a high-tech, especially the government stressed the need to revitalize the manufacturing sector, for dispensing UVLED light curing technology bring development opportunities. In the countries to develop in the long term development plan, and dispensing machine has been listed as the key technical support, because it involves national security, national defense construction, high-tech industrialization and the cutting edge of technology development, which the dispenser is raised to a high degree of attention will also dispensing machine manufacture and upgrade to bring great business opportunities.

Dispensing process can change the parameters when we in the coated rubber patch, a glue itself and the dispensing machine, have a lot of change of parameters, operating personnel must fully understand these parameters, as well as they for the possible. The dispenser with UVLED curing machine is the most screen dispensing UVLED light curing technology ideal.

Screen dispensing UVLED photocuring technology development trend of high speed, fast curing, environmental protection technology, high precision; high reliability, curing equipment miniaturization. UVLED light curing adhesive liquid crystal screen has the advantages of light sensitive products. Storage and operation process in control of various light sources such as sunlight, UVLED light and other artificial lighting source degree of exposure; use should be sealed or bonding of the surface cleaning, remove surface impurities, grease and other contaminants to obtain expected sealing and bonding effect; curing: need to layer and has appropriate wavelength of UVLED light curing machine were irradiated. Time by the intensity of the light and light length, generally light irradiation time is six times the size of the fixed time; for some of the temperature sensitive materials bonding needs to carry on to the material cooling treatment after use; not curing adhesive available appropriate organic solvent such as IPA, MEK and clear except; bonded parts shall cooling to room temperature and under load.

There the dispensing from a certain extent, solve the problem of the LCD screen with the two dispensing glue curing technology. UVLED dispenser now has developed very maturely. The future there are more similar to this emerging technology reform.

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