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Uvled light curing and flexible panel
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Flexible panel is a relatively advanced circuit board technology. In a variety of complex circuit requirements are able to meet the conditions of use. UVLED light curing technology is the main reason for the promotion of the flexible panel.

The flexible plate of this structure is the most simple structure. Usually the substrate + transparent glue + copper foil is a set of purchased raw materials, protective film + transparent glue is another kind of raw materials purchased. First of all, copper foil to etching process to get the circuit needs, the protective film to drilling to expose the corresponding pad. After the cleaning and rolling method to combine the two. And then exposed to the welding plate part of the electric plating or tin, etc.. The structure of the monolayer plate in the glue curing aspects before using UV point light source, single now generally use UVLED line light source, fine and long line light source over basically can cure.

When the circuit is too complex, single board can not wiring or copper foil for shielding and grounding, you need to use double deck or multilayer plate. The difference between the typical multilayer board with the single plane is increased via structure to connect each layer of copper foil. The first process base + transparent glue + copper foil is made a hole. The first hole in the substrate and copper foil, copper plating on a certain thickness after cleaning, hole well. The production process and single plate after almost the same.

Both sides have double-sided pads, mainly used for connecting and other circuit board. Although it and single plate structure is similar, but the difference of production process. It is the raw material of copper foil, protective film + transparent adhesive. First according to the requirements of the pad locations to bore a hole in the protective film, then the copper foil etching pad and the wire and then posted on a drill hole of the protective film can be.

All lines of flexible circuit board characteristics are short and thin. The configuration eliminates redundant cable connection. Can effectively reduce the volume of the product to increase the convenience of carrying. Can reduce the weight of end products. Thin: the thickness of thinner than the PCB. Can improve the softness. Strengthen the assembly and limited space in three dimensions.

Medical supplies including disposable consumables supplies, dental materials, surgical instruments, accessories, diagnostic categories. Accessories include: optical instrument accessories, first aid device, ECG diagnostic instrument, EEG diagnosis instrument, EMG diagnosis instrument, respiratory equipment fittings, electro acoustic diagnostic instrument, respiratory function device, medical stimulator, spectral diagnostic equipment, electrodes for ECG, heart conductance line linking, ultrasonic imaging instrument, maternal and child care equipment, ultrasonic therapy instrument, ultrasonic auxiliary materials, laser instrument, physical diagnosis and treatment equipment, physical rehabilitation instrument, nuclear magnetic.

Medical Disposables adhesive UV curing operation will be UV uniform painted the components external, then another component, folded and placed on the shelf, waiting for UV curing, the operation should not force to extrude and repeated friction bonding parts. If the assembly objects glue easily shift sliding, available black light lamp irradiation 8-15S as the pre fixed, UV curing, reducing assembly defect rate. Will have good adhesive components and evenly placed on curing machine table, closed curing machine, open the UV curing machine, light to from the central to the surrounding, and confirm the light can really shine through to agglutinate place, light about 6S, the initial positioning, but in addition to components on the residual glue again light to fully cured.

Temperature of glue activity also has little effect, low temperature curing time should be appropriately extended, plastic adhesive, should consider the content of UV absorbers in plastics, high content will seriously affect the UV transmittance, therefore the glue curing efficiency have a significant impact, even leading to the glue to cure.

UV light curing machine, used in industry at present UV equipment is the main gas discharge lamp. On the basis of lamp cavity gas pressure size divided into low, medium, high pressure, high pressure, we use the UVLED light curing machine based on LED chip as the luminous body. Has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life etc..

In reality, the flexible circuit board according to different needs, so many complex situations are well resolved. The flexible circuit board has occupied an irreplaceable position in the industrial production now. Uvled light curing technology makes the production specifications of flexible circuit board has been greatly improved.

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