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Uvled and optical fiber coating curing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Uvled and optical fiber coating curing

In this age of the Internet, all kinds of high and new technology is based on the Internet as the carrier. A lot of people are beginning to realize that twenty-first Century is a century of the Internet. From bulky and simple computer, to now powerful mobile phone. The development of the Internet is far beyond people's imagination. And at this time the development of the request is in the support of a certain speed. And the new technology of optical fiber makes the network speed has been improved rapidly. Thus the development of Internet technology indirectly.

The optical fiber is composed of a core, a cladding and a coating. The typical core is a pure silica glass or a germanium doped silica glass, and the cladding layer may be a pure silica glass or a fluorine doped silica glass. The diameter of the core depends on the application of the fiber, and the cladding diameter is 125 mu m. The thickness of the polymer coating of the optical fiber is about 60 mu m. Therefore, the diameter of the optical fiber is 245 mu m. Among them, the internal coating is soft, and the outer coating is hard. Internal coating is used to protect the surface of the bare fiber from mechanical damage, and play a role in buffering the external stress in the use of the optical fiber. The outer coating is hard, and it is advantageous to the optical fiber abrasion resistance. When the optical fiber is fused and connected, the coating must be clean and clean from the surface of the glass fiber. In order to be able to provide a coating that can be removed without leaving the remaining material with a very small force, it is necessary to understand the effect of the coating properties. And to clarify these effects, we must distinguish between coating peeling force and coating pull out force. The peeling force of the coating is determined by the outer coating of the optical fiber; the pulling force of the coating, the bonding strength of the optical fiber inner coating and the quartz glass cladding, is determined by the inner coating layer of the optical fiber. In the actual production, the curing of the outer coating basically reaches saturation, so it is necessary to control the UV curing dose to the optical fiber.

Blue DVD UV pulsed UV light curing system has advantages of light emitting technology does not contain mercury, reduce environmental pollution; pulse mode, continuous mode of energy saving than the traditional mercury lamp 40-60%; instantaneous high-energy ultraviolet, UV penetration stronger without heat blocking system; heat radiation is greatly reduced, the complete elimination of thermal radiation on the affected by the irradiation products the elimination reaction of halides; coincidence; in millisecond irradiation time units, UV hardening precise control; can change the energy distribution of the emission wavelength, to adapt to more application; the full range of 360 degrees direction free installation, meet more flexible process; modular design, easy to integrate into production equipment; rapid curing productivity; instant lamp switch, without preheating.

The basic composition of UV curing coatings is UV light polymerization of synthetic resin, photosensitizer, reactive diluents and some special additive. The photosensitizer also called UV polymerization initiator, it is essential for UV curing coating composition. The curing rate of the coating film depends to a large extent on the variety and quantity of this component. Most of them are the excitation light produced free radical material near UV region, they are sensitive to light and heat stable. During the coating process, the absorption of UV light energy generated free radicals, and the oligomer and diluent crosslinking reaction into film.

In actual production, there are many factors that affect the curing of fiber. There are several methods to measure the degree of curing of UV curable acrylate coatings, and the tensile strength of the coatings. So as to discuss some factors that affect the optical fiber curing and the new energy of the fiber. Influence of coating, generally speaking, UV curing coatings is by high viscosity pre polymer and low viscosity monomer, photo triggered agent and other fillers and other components, is a kind of viscosity changes with temperature of thixotropic fluid. The influence of UV curing equipment: UV curing equipment has its service life, the light intensity of illumination with the use of time prolonged weakened, thus the optical fiber curing degree, curing quality impact influence the coating peeling force fiber performance. Traditional UV lights in this area is very obvious, but on the UVLED light curing equipment, UV point light source life, light intensity, and so there is a very big increase. When using the UVLED light source as a light emitting body, there is no need to worry about these reasons.

With the support of UVLED curing technology, optical fiber technology has been developed rapidly. And this pursuit of efficiency of the Internet age, can make the speed of the new technology has always been able to get people's attention. Uvled curing technology and the combination of the optical fiber makes the Internet speeds have been popularized and developed. This is one of the people who would like to see.

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