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UVLED to promote industrial development
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Uvled to promote industrial development

The application of Uvled in digital isolator is an innovative application. In this industry, the traditional lamp has been in a monopolistic position. But with the continuous development of UVLED technology. Using UVLED to replace the traditional lamp has become an inevitable trend.

Digital isolators are electronic systems, digital signal and analog signal transmission, and has the characteristics of high isolation resistance, in order to achieve a chip isolation between the electronic system and the user, the optocoupler and magnetic isolation and isolation capacitors to achieve, but the power, speed, etc. often the isolation voltage can not achieve the optimal.

Digital Isolator appeared in more than 10 years ago, the purpose is to reduce the adverse effects related to the optical coupler. The digital isolator circuit, can significantly save cost and power consumption, and greatly increase the data rate. From the above definition of Digital Isolator elements. The insulating material determines its inherent ability, the selected materials must comply with safety standards. Industrial and communications equipment more and more intelligent, high power system provides more control and feedback information, and achieve higher efficiency and reduce the cost of the system, the market demand for Digital Isolator UV light curing machine also grow with each passing day.

Now widely used in between LED and radiator is mechanical isolation, can also use the non isolated driver, but that would make the problem of electromagnetic interference is complicated, and has a potential security risk. By adopting micro transformer technology, realize off-line LED drive isolation effect, compact and reliable integration. These innovative technologies can not only realize the amplification of the current error signal accurate constant current control, can also provide auxiliary power supply to the primary side bias isolation controller, thereby eliminating the auxiliary winding. More importantly, the function of various isolation barriers on both sides of the circuit, such as voltage reference, error amplifier, overvoltage protection and etc. to achieve the integrated controller. The integrated isolation can efficiently and accurately control the multistage LED drive, no flicker, no limitation of service life, so that the implementation of LED driver and LED lamp, in the aspects of life and reliability.

The use of UV light oil Digital Isolator UV curing light, only a few tenths of seconds to one seconds of time can be completely cured, curing process without high temperature baking, will not cause a variant of problems such as energy saving and high efficiency, but also reduce the rejection rate. The cured product of no volatile organic residue, non-toxic harmless, strong ultraviolet irradiation of the workpiece after with thorough sterilization. From the highest light to the whole film gloss matte can be adjusted, with a wide variety of substrates and primer, can produce surface effect changing to thousands of poor.

On the whole, despite the huge growth in market demand, the Digital Isolator UV light curing machine prices will remain stable. Although the parts in the isolator has been the existence of price pressure, but the Digital Isolator UV curing machine the solution continues to add new features, such as low power mode and security capabilities. Therefore, the Digital Isolator UV light curing machine will continue to maintain low prices in the long term and enhance the value of the.

In the market, people require quality requirements of a technology and production capacity is more and more high, but also in the premise of environmental protection and energy saving. This makes the UVLED seamless integration of technology and market.

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