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Uvled light curing assembly with fixed correlation
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Uvled light curing assembly with fixed correlation

In the assembly of electronic equipment in the process of curing is a tedious process that must be. The widespread use of glue fixed, relates to a glue curing problem. UVLED curing now widely used in the curing this procedure has been simplified a lot than before. With better effect of heightening the efficiency.

In the electronic circuit components are individual, individual parts can produce current frequency and amplitude changes or change the flow through its call device, otherwise called element. A transistor in a semiconductor circuit device, and resistance, capacitance and inductance components, said components together.

The electronic devices are assembled from components, assembly process, need to paste, curing process, most of the time, post curing process determines to a certain extent, the quality of electronic products, so the industry of paste, curing is very important, also launched in the curing process is not broken, for example the recent UVLED light curing technology, this technology can not only complete the curing in a short period of time, the formation of the curing process of high quality at the same time, also has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages, it can be said that the UV light curing technology field will play a pivotal role in curing LED optical components.

UV glue is generally adhesive components of a single component silicone rubber, it can be at room temperature combined with the moisture in the air caused by crosslinking vulcanization into high performance elastomer, it is a kind of excellent adhesive and sealant of metal and nonmetal material. Pollution to the surrounding environment will not use occasions. The cured colloid, exert excellent electric characteristics of silicone materials fully, in a wide temperature range, anti tensile, vibration and shock; and has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, hydrophobicity.

Has good adhesion to most materials, flame retardant, can be used for elastic binder for metal and metal, metal and inorganic material, of bonding material corrosion, and used as the best binder between silicone rubber and silicone rubber and other materials, such as TV deflection coil bonding, underwater waterproof bonding instrument instrument elastic bond etc..

Since 1990s, the electronics industry has entered a rapid development stage of unprecedented. People hope that the electronic equipment of small size and light weight, good performance, long service life to meet all the requirements. Therefore, to promote the development of highly integrated electronic circuit technology and high density assembly technology, the former is called the microelectronic technology, the latter known as the surface of microelectronic assembly technology.

Electronic assembly is fixed, the capacitance, inductance, plug, screw, chips and other passive devices are fixed. Because the electronic assembly UV is fixed time, so you must use UVLED light curing machine as curing equipment. Of course, UVLED light curing machine not only can be used in the electronic assembly of UV fixed direction, more can be used in screen printing on UVLED. At the same time, UVLED light curing machine not only has the advantages of short curing time, also has a lot of advantages. For example, do not contain mercury, does not produce ozone, more environmental protection and more safety. Cold light source, no heat radiation. A small amount of heat. Instant light, ready to use. High energy, stable light output. Can customize the effective radiation area, low energy consumption. Low maintenance cost.

All the basic assembled products, in addition to forming one of the low-end products. All electronic products are involved in the process of assembling and fixing. This makes the UVLED light curing has a large range of applications.