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UVLED light curing and molding technology
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

UVLED light curing and molding technology

Uvled is a step by step toward perfection. After several years of rapid development, UVLED curing technology has begun to explore the possibility of using them in some new fields. In the packaging technology, UVLED light curing has been gradually popularized.

The circuit board is one of the surface mount design indispensable component. The circuit board is support circuit components and devices in electronic products, it realizes the electrical connection between the circuit components and devices. With the development of electronic technology, more and more small volume PCB plate, the density is also more and more high, and the PCB layer increased, therefore, the PCB requirements of increasingly high demand in the overall layout, anti-interference ability, technology and manufacturing.

PCB coating on the surface of the circuit board. The main characteristics of three best performance, extremely low permeability, low odor, surface hydrophobicity, suitable for long time use in humid environment; uniform thickness, no sagging, accumulation, capillary and bubble coating defects, the protection of the most complete, at room temperature can be used in any solvent, strong corrosive environment and alkali, suitable for high and low voltage devices, fast curing speed, high construction efficiency.

The reason for choosing LED UV curing machine is environmental protection, ink, paint curing many volatile solvents used, great harm to environment and human body, UV curing no volatile solvent. Fast curing, UV is generally in seconds, relative heat curing for faster! The high-temperature object is suitable UV curing temperature can be controlled very low, not too high for the product with UV curing can be done easily, UV curing stronger adhesion of UV cured product has a strong adhesive force of the most common examples everyone is using the keyboard, before use after a period of time the above character will fade, but now basically is the use of UV curing the above character, so basically no longer appear out of character situation.

Process improvement is the introduction of UVLED light curing international advanced production equipment, production management mode, excellent professional production team, we work together to create high-quality products. Green: green UV curing machine, do not contain mercury, through the inspection of environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, non benzene. The film omits the glue, glue, heating and drying procedures, improve efficiency, reduce costs. Health and safety: UV light source as a cold light source, does not produce any polluted gas and material in the process of laying. The complete eradication of fire hazards in the use and storage of flammable solvents, traditional film process generated by the. Simple and convenient simple operation, by adjusting the temperature, velocity and pressure of hot stick to film, without professional technology. Excellent performance on film to enhance the printing of color saturation and brightness, strong adhesion, waterproof, moisture-proof function, dumb film plastic after local UV glazing, hot stamping.

The rapid development of the Uvled surprise. Have been used very well in various applications. People are beginning to realize that the necessity of this technique. The old technology have abandoned the traditional, looking for ways to use this new technology.

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