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Film UVLED light curing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Paint film UVLED curing light

In today's automobile industry, people are increasingly demanding for paint production. People often in the car paint surface of a coating process, to protect the paint is not affected by the external environment, play a protective role. This procedure is used to UVLED light curing technology.

Coating, also known as the paint film. Construction on the substrate of the coating formed by one or more coating solid continuous film. Usually coating is composed of multi-channel coating, the requirements of the objects on the basis of the coated and determine the amount of coating. Generally includes primer and intermediate coating and paint layer. Coating to reveal the effect of paint systems.

Dry paint film curing methods can be divided into natural drying, dry heat and radiation curing three light, natural drying is to point to in natural state at room temperature, dry, commonly known as dry or air dry for themselves. Curing time is long, easy to stick dust. Heating drying include low temperature below 1000 degrees Celsius hot air drying is given priority to with convection heating way, also have the radiation, the temperature of 100 ~ 150 degrees Celsius is dry, dry high temperature above 150 degrees Celsius. Heat, heat is big, can cause damage to carry objects. Irradiation curing is including UVLED curing, irradiation curing and electron beam curing. Technology is the most perfect, the lowest cost, most of the effect of curing or UVLED curing light.

UVLED light curing characteristic is: curing time very short several seconds to several minutes; At room temperature curing, so is suitable for heating of coating of wood and plastic, etc; But is only light curing special coatings, and difficult to make the opaque light curing oven curing.

The stronger the irradiation of ultraviolet light intensity, or the light irradiation and the closer the distance between the coating and drying the faster, the shorter the drying time.

Paint film of the drying process is generally divided into three stages, touch refers to dry or dry, when feel sticky fingers touch paint film, but it is not attached to the fingers. Half hard dry refers to the touch with finger paint film, on the paint film is not stained with fingers. Fingers crush paint film is not completely dry said residual fingerprints, rapidly with finger touch the paint film, there is no scar on the paint film also.

Uvled light curing on the car is more and more widely used, with the development of the auto industry is getting better and better. Uvled curing light and to better the development of the carrier.