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UVLED curing coating production
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

With the people more and more attention to the application of uvled. The use of Uvled is more and more widely, which makes the demand for UVLED curing coatings also increased significantly. Now UVLED curing coating production has become a huge industry.

According to the latest reports, China's UV curing coatings will account for 50% of the world's total production, I believe that with the continuous improvement of science and technology, China's UV light curing technology will be more mature, the market will be more and more perfect. And the application of this product will be our paint industry and a new breakthrough.

In the ink, is 70 years from the last century began to use this technique, but at present the use of UV curing ink still has certain limitations, mainly is the price difference with the traditional ink. Therefore, only in high value added production field or efficient applications use, is also concentrated in these areas to carry out research and provide products, such as inkjet toner; flexographic printing ink; high-grade packaging printing; fiber stain; solder resist.

The latest data suggest that Europe and the United States and other countries have passed legislation limit high VOC emissions to the traditional coatings, gradually the use of environmental protection, new materials, coatings, such as to replace the traditional coating. In the United States, Germany, Italy and other developed countries UV coating production accounted for coating production capacity by about 10%, and by 15% a year speed increase. According to Hess, a German company, speculation, to 2010, in the world of UV curing coatings production will reach more than 50% of the total output of paint industry as a whole and the environmentally friendly coatings, new materials within 30 years will maintain the superiority and the UV coatings market space is extremely large.

Light curing is a rapid development of new "green" technology, since the 70's of last century, the application of radiation curing technology more and more popular in developed countries. Compared with the traditional curing technique, radiation curing has no pollution, high efficiency, energy saving and suitable for heat sensitive substrates, excellent function of equipment used small advantages.

The Uvled coating is mainly due to the rapid development of the environmental protection, which makes many countries have invested a lot of energy and resources to research and development of this material. Research in this area has made great progress.