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Curing of sealing frame glue by UVLED light
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Curing of sealing frame glue by UVLED light

After the UVLED light is introduced into the curing industry, the complicated and time-consuming curing process has been greatly simplified. Make industrial production more efficient, more efficient. Which is a good example of the use of the curing of the sealing frame. This innovative technology makes the curing efficiency of the sealing glue box has been developed rapidly.

There is no perfusion liquid crystal pressure after the empty liquid crystal box to be sealed box plastic UV light curing, filling liquid crystal liquid crystal box to be sealed after the UV light irradiation curing. When the sealing glue is irradiated with UV light, the curing process conditions can be formulated according to the properties of the UV light curing adhesive, and the curing process is avoided by using an excess of ultraviolet rays to prevent adverse effects on the liquid crystal. Because the UV light on the decomposition of the liquid crystal material will increase the power consumption of the device current.

UV curing is in a specially formulated resin adding photoinitiator or photosensitizer, UV coating after ultraviolet radiation, after attract the UV light curing equipment of high intensity UV light, resulting in chemical reaction, paint in light induced initiator was, from surface swim radical ion or ions, these free radicals or ions with pre dimer or unsaturated double bond monomer cross-linking reaction, formation of monomeric radicals, thus initiating polymerization, grafting and crosslinking reactions, to UV coating in seconds from a liquid into a solid. This process is known as UV curable, but this process is not over, there is a post curing process, so the detection of the quality of the product after curing, curing after 5 minutes after.

In the UV LED light source to replace traditional UV lamp in industrial production, real people experience to the benefits brought about by the UV LED light source. Not only the efficiency is improved, but also the quality of production has been improved. In reducing energy consumption and improve the capacity of this topic, people always increase investment, hope that this aspect of research and development can be a breakthrough in the development of more advanced production technology.