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UVLED light curing of horn diaphragm
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Now many of the components are used in the production of UVLED light curing. Even the speaker diaphragm and the magnetic head coil are used to UVLED light curing. These components are very high requirements for curing.

Horn is actually a kind of electrical energy into sound of a switching device, when different electronic energy transmitted to the coil, the coil produces a energy and the magnet of the magnetic field interaction, this interaction caused by paper disc vibration, because the electron energy change from time to time, the horn of the coil will forward or to exercise, so speaker tray will follow the movement and the action make the density of air change generated sound.

Speaker diaphragm head coil and other components UVLED light curing UVLED adhesive must meet the following requirements, no matter what the state of the UVLED adhesive, the coating should be liquid; on the surface of the sticky material can be fully moist. Must be able to make it from liquid to solid state transformation, the formation of the tough layer; curing has a certain strength can transfer, resistance to destruction; it is able to withstand the test of time, that is the service life of UVLED adhesive.

Speaker UVLED mainly refers to the quality of adhesive strength and durability, but UVLED adhesive on different types of stress differences and different loading rate response, such as UVLED thermoplastic adhesive is not suitable for structural applications, because of its support in lower load tend to damage and softening in the heat. UVLED is a thermoplastic adhesive vibration can not withstand the long time stress, although showing greater strength than thermosetting test in a short period of time, thermoplastic rubber adhesive usually peeling strength is very strong, it is easy to mislead in the selection, thermosetting UVLED adhesive in the requirements of high strength and high resistance to destroy the stability situation, the effect is very good.

Horn diaphragm head coil and other components of light curing is always one of the technology industry pay more attention to the, mercury lamp light curing machine has been are horn diaphragm head coil and other optical components setting for curing ideal choice, but its high temperature, light attenuation, short service life is the most fatal disadvantages. UVLED light curing machine to promote, fundamentally solve the problem of mercury lamp curing machine left.

Before the traditional mercury has been the horn diaphragm preferred, with UVLED light curing technology has become more and more mature. More and more manufacturers have begun to use UVLED light source to cure it.