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Card UVLED light curing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

UVELD light curing card technology has been developed for many years, and now all of the cards are used UVLED light source for curing. With UVLED light source for curing, fast, able to keep up with the needs of more and more people on the card.

The strip is a thin layer of composed of directional arrangement of iron oxide particles of material, with a binder resin tightly bonded together and bonded in such as paper or plastic that nonmagnetic substrate media. Magnetic stripe card from the essential meaning on peace computer tape or disk is the same, it can used to record letters, characters and digital information, through the adhesive or sealing with plastic or paper firmly integration together to form a magnetic card.

Card UV light curing process is the biggest characteristic is the sheets of plastic film by high temperature and intensity of pressure in a laminated way combined pressure as a whole piece of card, and then after cutting finally made into a finished product. Therefore, in the membership card making process to the card lamination temperature and pressure control and adjust properly, otherwise they will be due to improper processing and a direct impact on the card surface overall artistic effect, card UV light curing machine done just that.

The card UV light curing machine only needs a few seconds to a second or so can be fully cured, curing process without high temperature baking, will not cause the transformation of the case, the energy saving and efficient, but also reduce the waste rate. Card UV light cured products are not volatile organic residues, non-toxic harmless, after strong ultraviolet irradiation of the workpiece also comes with a complete sterilization. The film gloss from the highest light to full matte can be adjusted freely, with a variety of substrate and primer, card UV curing can produce thousands of poor surface effect, so the card UV light curing machine is the trend of the development of the.

The advantage of the card UV light curing system has the long service life and stable performance of the spray head VU curing system, which is suitable for the scale production. Curing time is fast, with code system to adapt to a variety of leaflets and roll attached code platform. Irradiation area can be adjusted for different specifications of the UV ink nozzle and nozzle is stable and reliable, decided to inkjet printing system and printing quality and stability. Maintenance is simple, easy to operate, control software for a wide range, easy to operate. The main components of the imported configuration, to ensure that the performance is stable, the speed of the encoder test platform, so that the system is accurate positioning, spray printing quality is more stable.

Card UVLED light curing technology has become more and more mature. People are beginning to feel the convenience of using cards. This makes this technology has a wider range of development space.