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Prospects for UVLED
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Prospects for UVLED

UVLED has its irreplaceable advantages, since the launch will continue to develop. But there are still many deficiencies in UVLED curing technology, many of the requirements of the curing industry is more special, can not fully meet the requirements of the people. Now people are constantly studying, hoping to improve the technology to make it more applicable.

UVLED hardening has the advantages of fast drying speed, but it can only be processed by spraying method. But it is necessary to use spray solvent to reduce the viscosity of coating and utilization caused by the low cost of heightening environmental problems. Powder coatings for many years to be used for the high utilization of metal objects almost complete recovery, but the high temperature can be sprayed by the object of limited. Combined with the two kinds of science and technology to 3D and heat sensitive object that has become feasible, the existing companies in the US and Europe start mass production, the limits of the technology in addition to the coating equipment needs to be updated, resin and initial agent and other raw materials expensive, colored material with the initiator has not yet been developed with, so the market is unable to expand.

Because monomer stimulation and on some material then, water and its development also just around the corner, at present Europe paper glazing, water of UVLED ink, furniture coating rapid development. The main customers need to change equipment, dry faster than the original pure UVLED slow, but in the 3D inkjet ink on furniture, have a brilliant future.

Due to the polymerization of acrylate shrinkage is larger, highlight the cation on the metal and on the outstanding, and Shang Yang ions using epoxy resin with high thermal stability, chemical resistance and solvent resistance more slightly better, in electronic insulation coating application and metal materials, will be the rapid growth. Currently limited to only a small number of raw materials, so that the cost of a small number of suppliers.

For UVLED often in daily life are used as initiators of cup printing ink, ink on the CD, magazine printing and packaging printing ink is often cause toxicity, smell the fierce. The problem can be solved effectively. I believe the mature technology, coating ink market expansion is the point the day and await for it.

Although the people of UVLED R & D investment is more and more big, but the development of UVLED space is also very big, light curing technology is far from reaching people's requirements. Now UVLED light curing technology has made great progress. In the future, this technology will certainly be more advanced.

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