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Development of infrared laser diode in China
   23.3.2016    Source:www.longstartech.com.cn

Components of infrared laser diode technology

Based on the design scheme of the information transmission chain, the composition of infrared technology can be divided into three aspects: transmission, transmission and reception:

1 emission aspects

Artificial: produce infrared radiation, radiation modulation, transmit antenna;

Natural: infrared radiation emitted by a variety of natural and man-made objects;

2 transmission

Infrared radiation transmission is usually not required by the media, the impact of the atmosphere on it; infrared radiation and the interaction of the material in the process of attenuation (absorption and scattering); infrared optical cable.

3 reception area

Receiving lens: radiation filter;

Radiation detector: infrared radiation can be converted into electrical energy, or the radiation of a wavelength into another wavelength of radiation;

Cooler: detector cooling in a certain temperature;

Electrical signal processing and filtering;

Signal display.

The revolutionary change of infrared laser diode technology is shown in

The spectral response of the 1 detector extends from the short wave to the long wave;

2 detectors from the unit to the development of diverse, from the multiple development to the focal plane;

3 developed a wide variety of detectors and systems;

4 from single band detection to multi band detection development.

5 from the room temperature detector to the development of refrigeration type detector, and then from the refrigeration type detector to room temperature detector.

6 from the simple information processing technology to the development of complex and powerful information processing technology.

The main application of infrared laser diode technology

1 measurement of radiation and spectral radiation

Application in scientific research:

Weather observation, detection of air pollution, ground of agriculture, fisheries and health survey, measurement of the temperature of the planets and stars, interplanetary and constant interstellar detection, plants on other planets, the heat balance of the earth measurement.

Application in medicine:

Surface temperature measurement, study of the temperature distribution in the organs, and the determination of the CO concentration in the air and blood in the air and in the aerospace medicine were determined by the examination of the treatment process.

Application in military technology:

Topographic analysis, gas detection, exhaust gas detection.

Application in industry:

Non contact temperature measurement, temperature examination of the production process, mechanical equipment and stacking materials in danger of overheating alarm, land, sea and air transport equipment of fire alarm device, mines and in the auto industry co measuring instrument, in electronics, machinery manufacturing and nuclear technology facilities detecting bad welding or damaged components.

2 searching and tracking of energy radiation

Application in scientific research:

Satellite detection and tracking device, space navigation, horizontal stabilizer, solar tracker.

Application in military technology:

Rockets and early warning aircraft, rocket defense control, control aircraft, anti-aircraft fire control instrument, remote detonation tube, collision warning aircraft, thermal imager and night vision devices.

Application in scientific research:

Discovery of water pollution, volcanic and seismic research, petroleum exploration, glacier research.

Application in medicine:

Determination of tumor, trauma and thrombosis, early examination of cancer, early examination of the risk of stroke, observation of medical animal experiment.

Application in military technology:

Driver visual instrument, collimator, engineer glasses, near field reconnaissance, aircraft landing aid, terrain reconnaissance aircraft at low altitude, take a person or without tactical front-line reconnaissance flight device, recognition of camouflaged satellite strategic reconnaissance.

Application in industry:

Structural examination of infrared transmitting materials, quality inspection of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, machinery and equipment, power station, power distribution equipment and substation supervision, fire detection and monitoring, soil testing, yield estimation, detection of fish, storm detection, pipeline monitoring, find the buildings in poor thermal insulation, fires, pests and diseases of the forecast, for the study of animal behavior, criminal reconnaissance device counterfeit identification.

3 communication and remote control

Application in scientific research:

Video and audio transmission between the spacecraft and the spacecraft, and the distance and speed of the astronomy.

Application in military technology:

Transmission of video and audio information, and monitoring of the transmission of the command, the distance and speed of the sea, land and air targets.

Application in industry:

Aircraft and vehicle collision avoidance, traffic control (counting and speed monitoring), air tool landing aids, high precision measurement in aviation and metrology, multi channel video transmission, data transmission.

The germination of infrared laser diode technology in China

At the beginning of 1953, some scientists began to do research of PBS IR detector;

In the fall of 1958, the "55 mission" began to come into contact with modern infrared technology;

By the end of 1959, physics has made a model for the display of infrared radar;

At the beginning of 1960, the Ninth Research Room of the main research direction of infrared detector was established.

The establishment and development of infrared Specialty Research Institute

Kunming Institute of physics in 1964 to become the country's first to determine the infrared technology research institute.

In 1964 in further adjustment, the technique to study infrared, become a professional infrared study, consisting of two infrared detector, an infrared system, a micro induced by cold and hot pressing through infrared materials research laboratory.

At the end of the period of great unrest, the infrared technology in China has reached a certain scale:

National Defense Science and Technology Commission: 5 infrared technology professional;

University: 5 specialized infrared technology teaching and research section;

Geographical distribution is also more appropriate, 2 in East China, central China, northwest and northeast of the 1

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