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Innotek LG developed a thin heart rate sensor
   23.3.2016    Source:

In the era of Internet of things, the sensor used to collect and analyze data is essential. We will continue to develop advanced sensors, and connect them to the electronics, wearable, intelligent machines and automotive equipment, in order to push the development of animal networking market.

Intelligent machines and wearable devices are generally equipped with a heart rate sensor, to monitor the human heart rate, pressure index and oxygen content and other information. Innotek LG's new heart rate sensor module to achieve a smaller and more energy efficient, and more accurate. You can wear the device key, is to reduce the power consumption in reducing the size of equipment at the same time. Because the user long time wear, if the power is too much, it will drag on the function and influence of excellent products popular.

LG Innotek has developed a number of key technologies, such as automobile torsion angle sensor and photoelectric sensor for network camera. According to the development of different functions, they will come in the form of different combinations, and create a new source of income for the company.

The company said the new heart rate sensor on a single semiconductor chip integrated light and light emitting diode, the thickness of only 1mm, this is mainly due to the use of embedded printed circuit board (PCB) technology.

When used to wearable devices and intelligent machines, this module can be spawned thinner and more design freedom. Compared with the existing module, the signal receiving ability of living up to 30%, while reducing energy consumption by 20%.

In addition, this module has higher measurement accuracy, each minute pulse error is less than 2, which is comparable with the medical equipment.