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The world's leading LED UV production
   23.3.2016    Source:LG Innotek

- 560 MW, 365 nanometer wavelength ultraviolet LED, two months after the start of production

- Industrial UV light source, such as printing, self adhesive gyeonghwagi, the application of exposure machine

In Japan, beauty product performance excellence, safety based on the UV LED competition in the market

- vertical LED chip design technology, optical power, to overcome the limitations of

In the technology and the competitiveness of the production, before the product line sales this year, three times magnification

Innotek LG (yiungbeom CEO) is a successful, is the world's leading high power ultraviolet (UV, UV) LED production and delivery of LED UV market and the leading Japanese and American companies laid the foundation.

The company said it has a LED UV package of products from 500 mA current supply (mA) of the total output of up to 560 MW (MW) this month in the LED UV light output. The printing of the product? A curing agent 365 nm (nm) UV wavelength is mainly used for industrial, etc. (hardening in liquid material) or exposure treatment.

LG Innotek proprietary keep about application pencil section width of 6 square millimeters of vertical LED chip design technology of LED packaging area () and five months of light output increased by 37%.

High power ultraviolet LED can be used in printing? The adhesive curing equipment or semiconductor production line exposure machine, UV light source, such as counterfeit discrimination matrix.

In Japan, beauty product performance excellence, safety based on the UV LED competition in the market

LG Innotek Korea 560MW high power UV LED production success has laid a foundation to attack the UV source and market leading companies in Japan and the United states.

UV LED is a function can be achieved, such as sterilization and purification, according to the curing wavelength band has attracted attention, because the high utilization rate and growth potential.

In particular, UV LED is used for LED semiconductor compound instead of a mercury lamp, environment friendly type light source has the advantages of is custom designed to emit only medical, consumer goods, cured coatings, such as required by each application effective wavelength.

According to the French Market Research Joel rob DiBella Entertainment (Yole Development) UV LED market is expected to grow rapidly in 1341st years million, an average of more than 40%, won last year's 64 billion 100 million in 2015 won the size. LED light source in the UV UV market shares, is expected to 2015, increased from 16% last year to 25%.

At the same time, a barrier ultraviolet LED technology has served as a low threshold of market development of high light output. In particular, it is difficult to form capable of emitting in the visible light wavelength longer than the short sight of about 100 to 400 nm (nm) light emitting layer of electromagnetic radiation.

LG Innotek company applied vertical LED chip design technology to overcome the light output limit UV LED. The maximum reduce the stop in the conventional UV LED light emission of gallium nitride (GAN) layer thickness of the maximum light output.

In the technology and the competitiveness of the production, before the product line sales this year, three times magnification

LG Innotek is based on mature diverse product line, and ensure the competitiveness of the production of this policy 560MW high power of UV LED production success as the competitiveness of their products before UV LED in the global market stimulation technology competitiveness. This year, sales of only UV LED industry is expected to more than three times the previous year's growth.

The company to UV LED to 280nm 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm LED from ultraviolet disinfection, use in industrial production for medical use and Optimization for each application of the products.

It was also increase productivity and competitiveness, used in the mass production of UV in July last year, the six inch wafer area LED success. LED can produce a large number of LED chip at a time, large wafer. The 6 inch wafer based UV LED can use than the 2 inch wafer 28%, improve productivity.

The company responsible person said, "UV LED technology is seen as beyond pangareum LED technology in the enterprise market, a criterion," said: "in September production of 365nm UV LED maximum light output of 600MW in Japan and the United States he said jump will continue to build our position as the market leader in the enterprise.