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Combination of UVLED light source and alloy
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

Combination of UVLED light source and alloy

The use of Uvled light source has been showing a diversified development trend. In the traditional curing project, people have been improving, seeking a higher efficiency. In other technical difficulties of the curing project, people always looking for a technical breakthrough, hoping to be more widely used UVLED light source.

The application of the alloy is very wide, but it has not been able to use the thermal curing powder coating, which is because even in the 115 degree of the metallographic properties of the alloy will be affected. Many of the pre assembled products, such as lightning protection, electric motors, foam core doors and so on are equipped with electronic components, plastic, laminated products, rubber sealing ring and other thermal parts, they can not withstand the temperature too high. The curing temperature of light curing powder coating technology can meet the requirements of the UV light source, so it has a very broad application prospects in these areas.

In addition, the application of UV light source collocation light curing technology of powder coatings on paper substrates has also spread. The combination of light curing powder technology and printing technology can be used in books, magazine covers, cards and packing box board polishing and wallpaper coating decoration and other aspects.

One of the biggest potential use of UV curing powder coatings is the steel sheet for automobile finishing. Steel sheet for automobile finishing has been the traditional powder coatings territory, liquid light cured paint try into the field and failed to obtain the success. Due to the UV curable powder paint coating obtained in texture, appearance and performance can match or even surpass curing powder coatings, and has advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, rapid, under the UV light source with the successful application of steel sheet for automobile coatings are expected, as the heat curable powder substitute. Due to its huge market size, is attracting great interest, has become a hot spot for the development of the field of light curing coatings.

Curing this huge market is under the support of UVLED light source can be so rapid development. All kinds of harsh requirements of the curing environment requirements and curing conditions, people are using more high-tech technology to solve. Making use of UVLED light source is more and more small. This is one of the main reasons for the rapid development of UVLED light curing technology.