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QSI LaserDiode

QSI LaserDiode

With products continue to mature and new products continue to emerge, the laser diode is more and more as the core component of the next generation of high-tech industry, at present, the application of laser diode rapidly extends to the three-dimensional games, intelligent interface, military radar, full color laser display, intelligent and automatic driving, next generation optical storage field. Shenzhen City Longstar Tatsu Technology Co., Ltd. will rely on the support of the QSI company and the parent company, adhering to the consistent service concept and spirit, for customers to provide better product information, industry dynamics, technical support New era requires new ideas, new markets need new thinking, our industry is booming, the whole industry chain in the interpretation of the success story every day. Shenzhen City Fu benefit will provide reference for the healthy development of the industry, as a "success story" in an element.