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A brief account of the UVLED market value from 14 to 2020
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2018-3-20    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

As the industry has led to the collapse of factories, there is also the LED lighting market. After the accumulation and development of the previous years, the Sha price competition in the LED lighting market is becoming more and more fierce, and the manufacturers begin to turn their eyes to the niche market of higher Maori. The market of UVLED (ultraviolet LED) is higher than that of ordinary LED due to its high technical threshold. The huge market value attracts many manufacturers to compete.

The output value of the UVLED market in 2015 with $122 million in 2014, the main reason for the UV-A LED (UVA, 320nm~400nm) prices too fast, leading to the 2015 UV LED had no obvious long overall output despite the overall UV-A LED market price drops rapidly this year, manufacturers are still optimistic that the moderate prices represent the market is taking off. In the next two years, the manufacturers will strive for technological development and plan to enter the niche market of UV-C LED (short wave ultraviolet, 280nm below). For example, XX XX and Jason photoelectric hand etc.. With the technology development and customization design becoming the UV LED high margin blue ocean market niche, it is expected to appear wider and more popular applications, such as deep ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization. Therefore, it is estimated that the market value of UV LED will reach 356 million US dollars in 2020. UV-A LED products are mainly used in the light curing market, accounting for up to 52%. UVLED devices in addition to high photoelectric conversion efficiency of the chip, also UV optical system is equipped with good and excellent cooling system, it can generate enough radiation intensity (W) and energy (J), UV radiation intensity is higher, the curing speed, become UV-A LED product growth conditions. UV-A LED is the future market opportunities for highly customized, which works closely with curing equipment manufacturers, from the collocation and cooling system, optical module design, chip wavelength UV, equipment manufacturers to provide complete solutions.
The future of UVLED industry chain is a UVLED light source equipment manufacturers as the starting point, the integration of UV lamp manufacturers, glue manufacturers, UVLED curing machine manufacturers, launched a set of solutions for the market. It's hard to survive without a cooperative intention or a single mind. This is what all the manufacturers in the UVLED industry chain must know.