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UV LED curing inkjet and industrial
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

UVLED curing and industrial inkjet

Uvled in recent years, the rapid development of the most direct drive industry is the production of industrial inkjet. Industrial ink jet is the most important carrier in UVLED curing process. Is the most important raw material. Industrial ink jet is also in order to adapt to a wider range of UVLED curing and continuous reform.

The rapid development of industrial inkjet mainly rely on to the emergence of UV curable inkjet technology, this technology greatly expand the range of printer materials, both the rigid plastic plate, tiles, wood or soft textiles, leather, PVC, polypropylene and other materials. But the main bottleneck of large-scale promotion of industrial inkjet applications there are two main, one is protean printing or printing of UV ink is the ever-changing requirements; rigid medium of UV ink requirements of security, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance; for soft medium, UV ink extensibility and flexibility is index must be considered. At the same time, scratch resistance and flexibility itself is a contradiction, shift. Applicable to this kind of printing ink, does not necessarily apply to this kind of material. The two is the cost of consumables as UVLED ink. Many ink manufacturers claim that the price is cheap, but because of the thin ink density, in the actual use process can only be reduced by a large number of stacks of ink color requirements, which led to the price trap.

In UV curable jet velocity, UV inkjet printing currently also can not be regarded as the printing industry mainstream technology, so docking with the mainstream offset models becomes main applications of current, namely the jet to complete part of variable data, from traditional printing complete invariant image transfer. Before the process links usually using multi roller group "mode, artificially lowering the mainstream printing machine speed. However, this also resulted in the obvious waste of resources. So the speed increase, for this type of variable data printing efficiency will play a decisive role.

Quality of ink jet UVLED curing for ink-jet printing of the most important quality index of - resolution, and the printing speed is basically in a opposite, at this stage we may is "fish and bear's paw can't have your cake and eat it, only to meet the selection of a best quality ratio" is the objective requirement of, both restrict each other and inter related.

For increasingly high demand for UVLED light curing, industrial inkjet production is not in the form of production before. For active research and development, take the initiative to improve their quality, to meet the market demand, and even before the market demand. This is the market to adapt to a series of performance.