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Chemical system of UVLED curing
CLASS: LG UVLED      DATE:2016-3-24    SOURCE:www.longstartech.com.cn

When UVLED curing technology has just been published, the use of UVLED curing can only be applied in some special industries, but after decades of development. Uvled curing has been popularized. This study cannot do without the UVLED, people on UVLED of Chengdu Chemical Group has been very understanding.

The chemical formula content with reaction activity constitutes a chemical system of radiation curing, generally include oligomers, monomers, photoinitiator, additives and other components of UV.

Oligomer plays an extremely important role in radiation curable formulations, which determines the coatings, inks, adhesives or other base material in the overall performance after radiation curing. Oligmer is a kind of special polymer with unsaturated double bond structure, can be further extended to become crosslinking reaction, so called prepolymer. Most of the oligomers are all different types of acrylic resin, molecular weight is generally small.

Monomer is organic synthetic material the most basic unit, in radiation curing paralysis is mainly used as diluent in order to reduce the viscosity of the chemical system. UV curing monomer is generally active diluent, not only can adjust the formula viscosity, and the molecular structure contains one or more double bonds, called the single functional group active monomer or multi functional monomer. The active monomer can react with oligomer or other monomer, and participate in the radiation curing process, and because of no volatile matter, it will not cause pollution to the atmosphere.

Under the action of UV light, free radicals and cations are generated. These two kinds of particles are high energy active groups in the chemical system, which are beneficial to the crosslinking and curing of the unsaturated double bonds of monomers, oligomers and polymers.

In radiation curing process, the assistant is not directly involved in the curing process, however, its function can not be ignored. The most commonly used additives stabilizers, is mainly used to prevent the material composition in storage appear gelation phenomena, or to prevent the formulation system under the dark condition automatic curing. In addition, some other additives, pigments, dyes, matting agent, defoaming agent, leveling agent, adhesion promoter in improving the final curing performance in UV also play a different role.

The depth study of Uvled for people of its practical application has many benefits. People began to slowly realize the benefits brought to the in-depth study of uvled. The R & D investment will be more and more. The application has a better performance and more widely.